Tamagotchi Uni finally feels complete after its biggest update yet

Ever since Tamagotchi Uni grew to grow to be globally on hand final summer season, it’s felt luxuriate in a product with loads of unrealized most likely.

Endure in mind, I narrate this as someone who loves this application and has toddle it day to day since start. But on top of the complete elemental activities one would query at this point from the digital pet toy, the Wi-Fi capable Tamagotchi Uni promised users the “Tamaverse” — a virtual playground that may most likely well develop the Tamagotchi ride luxuriate in below no circumstances earlier than. To this point, it hasn’t, undoubtedly.

Determined, gamers may most likely well ship their characters there to “meet” others, lope on itsy-bitsy vacations and aquire outfits, nonetheless these diminutive activities don’t undoubtedly add much substance. The “skedaddle” ride concerned looking out at immediate animation, and on occasion getting a particular meals dish, item or achievement badge. Even the facet of mingling turned into as soon as sorely restricted, allowing gamers to ship proper one Coronary heart (a “luxuriate in” to acknowledge one other participant’s Tamagotchi) per day.

The Tamaverse has been slack to stay up to the expectations Bandai location, despite it being the Uni’s biggest promoting point. That appears to be like to be altering in a huge plot.

With an update that rolled out on March 19 — version 1.6.0 — Bandai opened the Tama Portal, an home of the Tamaverse that’s been cordoned off all this time. Just a few days after, it dropped the first two DLC packs for Tamagotchi Uni within the abolish of “Tamaverse Tickets,” which allow users to skedaddle to unusual places by that portal. In a bonus, non-Tamaverse-associated pass, the update furthermore answers gamers’ decided pleas for more item storage by including “My Box,” where surplus devices will most likely be stowed so you now not bear to delete older candies to create room for tag spanking unusual ones.


The first two Tamaverse Tickets, as the DLCs are being called, are on hand now. One, which takes you to Very Berry Land, is free, while the diverse, for the LoveMelo Concert, charges $6. Each unusual home comes with a slew of additional characters you may most likely well most likely also lift (including some that are tag unusual for the franchise), an on-theme mini-game and a store with unusual meals, devices, accessories and furnishings you may most likely well most likely also aquire with Gotchi Recommendations.

This is the vogue of depth the virtual location continuously regarded as if it can most likely well point out. Now it feels luxuriate in we’re finally seeing what the Tamaverse can undoubtedly be. Confidently, it’s proper the starting up.

There’ll positively be some who recoil at having to pay for DLC previous the one freebie, and while I will be capable to’t narrate I’d blame them for that, it doesn’t ache me for what we’re getting. Buying a ticket offers you entry to a gain code that may most likely well also be old-fashioned three cases. As soon as the code is registered to a application, you may most likely well most likely also lope to that location as much as you desire, and swap freely between the diverse places you’ve downloaded. That implies I turned into as soon as able to disclose the same codes to gain Very Berry Land and LoveMelo Concert on every of my Tamagotchi Uni units, and silent bear one disclose left for every ticket in case I ever bear to attain a reset.

As turned into as soon as the case with the Tamagotchi Clear’s DLC, the bodily TamaSma playing cards, easiest one Tamaverse Price will most likely be active at a time, so switching will wipe out any location-particular devices or meals to your stock, nonetheless you obtained’t bear to reenter the code in notify to swap back. All of a particular person’s downloaded places will most likely be came at some stage in in a peculiar listing called DL Insist within the event you lope to the Tama Portal.


It’s now not proper one or two characters that plot with every location, both — you gain six. Some folks aquire total unusual units for that vogue of expansion (no doubt now not me… haha…). And the free Very Berry Land brings back the fan-well-liked lovable strawberry, Ichigotchi, which feels luxuriate in a derive for all people.

The DLC furthermore reintroduces the form of acquiring particular characters by feeding your fledgling Tamagotchis definite meals or taking part in with a explicit item three cases earlier than they attain adulthood. I turned into as soon as mad to test out and gain the unusual personality, Tanghulutchi, that contains Very Berry Land, and fed my teen Tama an abundance of Fruit Candy snacks in hopes that it can most likely well create her appear. It labored! (I’m now furthermore fiending for the genuine candied fruit address of its namesake, Tanghulu. Thanks Bandai).

After I’m solid sufficient to section with Memetchi on my diverse application, which is working LoveMelo Concert, I’ll doubtlessly try to gain Drumcrubitchi, a peculiar personality that’s actually a drum equipment with a face.

Picture by Cheyenne MacDonald / Engadget

All of the stuff you may most likely well most likely also aquire within the Tama Portal places are as of now more label efficient than the long-established Tama Mall offerings, with furnishings and accessories falling between 200 and 500 Gotchi Recommendations. It’s undoubtedly good to bear some unusual mini-games to freshen up the day to day routine, since there aren’t many constructed into the applying when it’s offline, and these they’ve added to the first Tamaverse places are huge.

In Very Berry Land, you may most likely well most likely also play Cake Factory, where it’s some distance crucial to pass your personality around to position strawberries on top of cake slices as they plot down the conveyor belt. It’s a game vogue we’ve viewed earlier than, nonetheless is a itsy-bitsy bit more fascinating than diverse same versions for the reason that jog undoubtedly picks up within the 2d half of the spherical.

LoveMelo Concert brings back the favored Guitar-Hero-vogue rhythm game format we saw (twice) within the Tama Arena’s Nyanoe Dance, nonetheless the unusual Gay Gay Solidarity facets a recurring song for you to test out and preserve up with. It’s undoubtedly pretty hard, and is the vogue of game I’ll bear to obsessively revisit till I’ve perfected it. Nyanoe Dance turned into as soon as clearly effectively obtained, and I’m definite loads of fans will be delighted that a version of it has came at some stage in a eternal home within the Uni a system or one other.

Picture by Cheyenne MacDonald / Engadget

One in all the most realistic most likely issues about outdated versions of the unusual Tamagotchi, luxuriate in the Tamagotchi On, turned into as soon as the joy of discovery within the event you unlocked a peculiar location. The unusual Tama Portal destinations garner that very same feeling, and I will be capable to easiest hope Bandai will preserve it going even previous the additional expansions it teased with update 1.6.0.

The announcement supplies indicated that there are no now not up to three more DL Areas on the vogue, including the Tamamori Vogue Show conceal that’s location to descend at the tip of Could perchance furthermore simply. That world introduces some more entirely unhinged Tamagotchi personality designs — luxuriate in a pair of anthropomorphic work boots named, I kid you now not, Bootsbrothers — and I undoubtedly cannot wait. The diverse areas haven’t yet been revealed.

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