Samsung Galaxy A35 vs. Samsung Galaxy A54

So, you get grasp of your self taking a look for for a Samsung midranger. At round €480, the Galaxy A55 is admittedly somewhat pricy and you seek that the Galaxy A35 gets you a substantial need of the device there at a extra practical starting assign of €380.

However assemble some digging, and that you just would be able to hunt that final 300 and sixty five days’s Galaxy A54 is moreover fee fascinated by in this assign vary. It has depreciated somewhat properly (from consumer’s point of look) and may maybe moreover even be figured out selling for below the A35 on average.

In articulate that’s a spell binding conundrum honest there. There are undoubtedly positives and negatives to going both device, and we are going to assemble our supreme to cowl them in this comparison.

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  • Manufacture
  • Show
  • Battery Lifestyles
  • Charging
  • Speaker Test
  • Performance
  • Cameras
  • Verdict

For starters, that you just would be able to likely moreover compare your entire specs sheets or straight away proceed with our editor’s evaluation within the following textual jabber material.

Size comparison

Despite Samsung’s a minute confusing numbering blueprint, the Galaxy A35 is the larger tool of the 2. It has a bigger 6.6-plod recent, in contrast to 6.4 inches on the A54, and that kind of incompatibility is surely noticeable.

The recent A35 is no longer that dissimilar to its Galaxy A34 in phrases of dimensions, but it has turned into severely heavier, tipping the scale at 209 grams this 300 and sixty five days. That moreover makes the A35 heavier than the A54, which weighs in at 202 grams. In spite of the entirety, here’s no longer an substantial incompatibility in jabber, but it’s unexcited fee declaring since it indicates the up so some distance invoice of materials.

Indeed, the Galaxy A35 has gotten a extra top fee have faith this 300 and sixty five days. The encourage is now fabricated from glass as an different of plastic. The entrance glass has been upgraded to Gorilla Glass Victus+. Whereas some distance from basically the most top fee hardened glass Corning has to offer, it’s indubitably an upgrade over the Gorilla Glass 5 that both the Galaxy A54 and A34 are rocking. Relating to durability, we may maybe moreover merely unexcited mention that both the A35 and the A54 offer the the same IP67 ingress safety ranking, so there isn’t any incompatibility there.

We may maybe moreover merely unexcited focus on the originate temporarily. The Galaxy A34 and A54 are rocking final 300 and sixty five days’s originate, which is noticeably rounder, particularly in phrases of the uniform center physique.

In distinction, the Galaxy A35 has a brand recent and up so some distance look for, including flatter sides and an elevated fragment of the heart physique where the buttons dwell.

Left: Galaxy A35 • Factual: Galaxy A54

Additionally, as section of the recent look for, the Galaxy A35 no longer has its predecessor’s teardrop notch stile camera. It has been swapped for a punch-gap vogue unit, which arguably makes for a extra top fee look for, in accordance with the upper-finish Galaxy 5X household. That capacity that visually, from the entrance, there is now not always extra special of a incompatibility between the A35 and A54. The recent bezels are a minute thinner on the A35, but no longer by rather a lot.

Thru color alternate choices, the need is surely going to depend upon inner most need. The A54 arguably has some extra “ragged” color alternate choices in there. It is on hand in Lime, Graphite, Violet and White. The A35 may maybe moreover even be figured out in Iceblue, Lilac, Navy, and Lemon.

As we talked about, the A35 and A54 are very the same in phrases of controls and layout. Each like stereo speaker setups and optical below-recent fingerprint readers. NFC is on hand on both models in most markets. Each moreover like expandable storage by technique of a microSD slot, shared with the 2nd nano-SIM slot. Neither model has a 3.5mm audio jack or an onboard FM radio receiver. It is moreover fee noting that despite their somewhat just a few relative market positioning, both, sadly, are equipped with proximity sensors of the virtual kind.

Show comparison

No longer extra special has modified about the recent on the Galaxy A35 coming from the A34. In fact, it can moreover even be the the same 6.6-plod, 120Hz Gigantic AMOLED panel. The Galaxy A54 has a rather smaller 6.4-plod recent but with the the same 1080 x 2340-pixel resolution. The refresh fee is the the same at 120Hz, and or no longer it’s dealt with within the the same vogue.

In our attempting out, we measured the same brightness stages on the Galaxy A54 and the A35. Neither is industry-leading, but both are upright sufficient to be usable outside.

The precise extra special incompatibility is that the Galaxy A54 is formally licensed for HDR10+, while the A35 lacks any formal HDR certification. Some apps, severely YouTube, will unexcited offer HDR streams to the A35 and can merely unexcited max out its brightness for the duration of playback. Quiet, there isn’t any official HDR give a boost to and apps indulge in Netflix assemble no longer offer HDR streams.

Battery lifestyles

Each telephones like ravishing 5,000 mAh batteries on board and expend the the same Exynos 1380 chipset. There is a diminutive incompatibility in recent size between the 2, but overall battery lifestyles is anticipated to be very the same.

That being talked about, Samsung has clearly managed to optimize things a minute from the A54 to the A35 since the latter has severely better battery lifestyles. Tips you that our attempting out for the Galaxy A54 became completed on Android 13 and One UI 5.1, whereas the Galaxy A35 became examined on Android 14 and One UI 6.1. Hopefully, a minimal of one of the most battery enhancements are in tool and can merely unexcited moreover be brought to the Galaxy A54.

Charging flee

Each the Galaxy A35 and A54 technically give a boost to Samsung’s 25W PPS + PD-primarily based charging. Since both just like the the same battery skill, one would request that they would payment at the the same fee. Alternatively, our attempting out figured out that the Galaxy A54 costs somewhat a minute extra rapid than the Galaxy A35.

You can request a stout payment in honest over an hour on the A54, whereas the A35 takes closer to an hour and a half. And you in most cases derive greater payment percentages at any checkpoint alongside the A54’s charging curve. It’s no longer a groundbreaking incompatibility, but or no longer it’s unexcited fee declaring.

Speaker test

The Galaxy A35 and A54 like a the same hybrid stereo speaker setup with one dedicated bottom-firing speaker and the amplified earpiece appearing indulge in the 2nd channel.

Each telephones manufacture very within the same device in our standardized loudspeaker attempting out. Each organize a GOOD loudness ranking with huge overall quality – nice vocals, particular highs and even some bass. In spite of the entirety, there may maybe be a truly diminutive incompatibility in tuning between the 2 units, but no longer frequently fee declaring.


This 300 and sixty five days, the Exynos 1380 has in fact trickled down and is now powering the Galaxy A35 as properly, so both are primarily based on the the same silicon. It’s a latest 5nm chip with an octa-core CPU setup consisting of 4 Cortex-A78 cores, closed at up to 2.4 GHz and one other four Cortex-A55 cores, working at up to 2.0 GHz. The onboard GPU is a Mali-G68 MP5 unit.

As for storage and memory, both models like a rotten config with 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM and lunge up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Storage is expandable by technique of microSD on both too. The Galaxy A54 does appear to like extra storage and RAM alternate choices on hand.

Since both the A35 and the A54 expend the the same chipset, that you just would be able to likely moreover request the the same performance for the duration of the 2 effectively. Whereas here’s indubitably compatible, and it’s seemingly you’ll perchance well moreover merely no longer seek any incompatibility in jabber, taking a look for at benchmarks, it’s glaring that Samsung by some capacity managed to squeeze a minute extra CPU performance from the chip within the more moderen Galaxy A35.

Again, we are able to no longer mumble whether or no longer this small performance upgrade is purely due to the tool and, hence, can moreover be expected on the A54. It is now not something to fixate on, though.

It is fee pointing out that Samsung seems to like addressed a thermal-throttling field that became at the initiating recent after we reviewed the Galaxy A54. The Exynos 1380 seems to behave rather a lot better and extra repeatedly while doing stress attempting out inner the A35. The incompatibility in thermal-throttling habits between the 2 telephones is somewhat important, and we mediate that it’s thanks to a couple hardware tuning, no longer factual tool by myself.

Whereas this may maybe moreover merely no longer basically be something that practically all customers will seek in accurate-world expend, it’s fee noting that the Exynos 1380 is device extra precise and has better sustained performance inner the Galaxy A35.

Camera comparison

The Galaxy A35 and A54 just like the same camera setups first and major look. Each telephones like a 50MP foremost camera. Alternatively, they expend somewhat just a few sensors. The Galaxy A54 has a bigger 1/1.56″, 1.0µm sensor (likely Samsung’s GN5 or Sony’s IMX766).

The A35, on the somewhat just a few hand, has a smaller 1/1.96″ sensor for its foremost cam. As some distance as we managed to examine, it’s miles a Samsung ISOCELL (S5K)GN8, which looks to be inspiring to this cell phone model.

Each telephones like Optical Image Stabilization programs on their foremost cameras.

The A54 moreover has a greater-resolution 12MP ultrawide camera at its disposal, in contrast to the 8MP unit on the A35. Neither has autofocus, sadly. The third camera on the encourage of both models is a 5MP macro shooter with fixed focal point.

On the entrance, the A54, all over but again, has a extra special greater resolution camera (32MP) with a bigger sensor (1/2.8″). The A35 settles for a 13MP, 1/3.06″ unit. Neither has autofocus, but surprisingly, both can capture 4K selfie video.

Image quality

Each telephones capture 12.5MP photos with their foremost cameras by default due to the pixel-binning. It’s extremely exhausting to opt a definitive favourite from the pair since both offer the same overall quality. If we in fact had to resolve, maybe we may maybe well well give a diminutive edge to the A35 for its a minute extra laid-encourage processing with much less sharpening utilized. Again, on the opposite hand, the incompatibility is somewhat minor.

Samsung Galaxy A35: 12.5MP foremost camera samples

Samsung Galaxy A54: 12.5MP foremost camera samples

Despite the incompatibility in resolution between the ultrawide cameras of the 2 telephones, we are able to no longer mumble that the Galaxy A54 has any noticeable lead in phrases of detail. In fact, very finest detail looks to be a minute cleaner and sharper on average on the A35. The incompatibility is, but again, no longer particularly spacious.

Samsung Galaxy A35: 8MP ultrawide camera samples

Samsung Galaxy A54: 12MP ultrawide camera samples

In a single other kind of mismatch between resolution and quality, we have got to mumble that, on average, we indulge in the 13MP selfie shots of the Galaxy A35 a minute better than the 12MP selfies that come out of the 32MP camera of the A54. The Galaxy A35 captures a minute cleaner and extra defined facial aspects with better skin tones on average.

Samsung Galaxy A35: 13MP selfie camera samples

Samsung Galaxy A54: 12MP selfie camera samples

Low-light photos, both at 1x and 2x zoom, look for very linked between the A35 and A54. These are in most cases somewhat shipshape, like low noise, and like rather a lot of detail. Dynamic vary is surprisingly wide, with properly-developed shadows and highlights.

The ultrawide on the A54 seems to like a diminutive edge intimately over the decrease-resolution one within the A35. The incompatibility is now not always extra special, but it’s fee declaring.

Video quality

Each the Galaxy A35 and A54 can capture video at up to 4K resolution on their man cameras. That is completed in a typical AVC/h.264 video stream at round forty eight Mbps and a typical stereo AAC stream inner an MP4 container. Alternatively, that you just would be able to likely moreover resolve to expend HEVC/h.265 to place some dwelling.

4K photos from the first cameras of both telephones is linked in phrases of overall quality. There is rather a lot of detail, though we may maybe well well mumble that the A54 has a diminutive edge. Dynamic vary and distinction are solid for the duration of the board. Colors are a minute on the saturated aspect, particularly on the Galaxy A35, but nothing too overboard.

Samsung Galaxy A35 video: 0.6x • 1x • 2x

Samsung Galaxy A54 video: 0.6x • 1x • 2x

The Galaxy A54 has a transparent edge over the A35 in phrases of 2x and ultrawide movies since it ought to assemble 4K video capture for the duration of the board, whereas the A35 is runt to 1080p on its ultrawide and, for some unfamiliar motive, at 2x zoom as properly. The incompatibility intimately and overall quality is terribly noticeable and in favor of the A54.

As for low-light video quality on the first cameras at 4K, the 2 telephones swap blows. The A54 looks to be a minute cleaner overall, with extra very finest detail within the physique. The A35 is now not always some distance within the encourage of, though, and we indulge in the device it handles light sources better.

Samsung Galaxy A35 low-light video: 0.6x • 1x

Samsung Galaxy A54 low-light video: 0.6x • 1x

The ultrawide low-light video is a transparent derive for the Galaxy A54. The 1080p photos from the A35 is terribly unlit and gentle.


Each the Galaxy A35 and the A54 are magnificent, properly-rounded mid-vary units. Additionally, as it turns out, they’re incredibly the same.

Despite technically belonging to the “greater-tier”, the A54 doesn’t offer any main aspects that that you just would be able to likely moreover merely no longer get grasp of on the A35. The 4K video capture on the ultrawide is candy, but it’s no longer frequently foremost. The same goes for the HDR video certification, particularly provided that the displays on both telephones like very the same performance and maximum brightness. And at final, the A54 costs severely sooner than the A35, but but again, we assemble no longer in fact look that as sufficient of an incentive to purchase it over the A35.

Each the A35 and A54 offer four years of OS updates and 5 years of safety patches, but the A54 is already a 300 and sixty five days into that schedule. The Galaxy A34’s implementation of the Exynos 1380 is operating cooler without any performance penalty. It moreover has a bigger cowl with Gorilla Glass Victus+ while final practically the the same size and weight. And at final, or no longer it’s moreover scored better battery runtimes within the on-line wanting/social media and gaming eventualities.

Overall, when selecting between the Galaxy A35 and the Galaxy A54, we may maybe well well in my belief lunge for the A35 if the 2 were priced within the same device. In sparkling phrases, neither will disappoint, and so they offer remarkably the same experiences. So, within the finish, the final resolution may maybe moreover thoroughly come down to which undoubtedly one of many 2 may maybe moreover even be figured out as the easier deal.

    Ranking the Samsung Galaxy A35 for:

  • Samsung’s latest originate language.
  • The extra top fee have faith with Gorilla Glass Victus+ as an different of Gorilla Glass 5.
  • The larger 6.6-plod recent.
  • The a minute better battery persistence.
  • The better-sustained performance and no more thermal-throttling.
  • The longer tool give a boost to.

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    Ranking the Samsung Galaxy A54 for:

  • The HDR10+ video certification.
  • The sooner charging fee.
  • 4K video capture on the ultrawide camera.

These are the supreme offers from our affiliate companions. We may maybe moreover merely derive a fee from qualifying sales.

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