The best bone conduction headphones of 2024: Knowledgeable tested and reviewed

As spring comes our approach, there would possibly be now not any higher a time to ride out of doorways and ride for a lumber. Whether or now not you’re a newcomer to running or a seasoned marathoner, the one thing that can fetch any lumber or exercise session extra bearable is a pair of headphones with big sound. Bone conduction headphones are a runner’s favorite for their mindful sound and cushty raze. Nonetheless bone conduction headphones’ expend circumstances develop now not quit with running — they’re big for intense workouts and even swimming, too. 

Many out of doorways runners attribute the starting up-air raze to elevated environmental consciousness and safety from cars. You will accrued feel every beat and hear every component of your track, podcast, or audiobook. While you are going all-in in your health targets this 365 days, practicing for that marathon, or want to listen to to track as you swim laps in the pool or hike up a mountain, bone conduction headphones would possibly presumably be your health companion. 

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The best bone conduction headphones appropriate now 

ZDNET has accomplished hands-on testing and overview to spherical up the best bone conduction headphones on the market. Our tested make a selection for the best bone conduction headphones general is the Shokz OpenRun Professional, because of this of of their unbelievable audio quality, lightweight match, and generous battery lifestyles. Study on to be taught extra in regards to the tip bone conduction headphones probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably buy.

Best bone conduction headphones of 2024


  • Immersive sound
  • Immediate price toughen
  • Gentle-weight and cushty


  • Restricted to IP55 water resistance

Shokz OpenRun Professional tech specs: Kind: Originate ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IP55 | Weight: 1.02 oz | Battery lifestyles: 10 hours | Dimensions: 6.61 x 5.35 x 2.64 inches

Unlike earlier iterations of bone conduction headphones, the Shokz OpenRun Professional skip the in-ear buds raze with out jeopardizing audio quality and clarity, digging into a premium headphone at a now not-too-shabby pricepoint. Because of this of Shokz TurboPitch engineering and Shokz ninth bone conduction technology, our testing concluded that with these headphones, safer running no longer has a huge sound tradeoff. 

ZDNET contributor Matthew Miller tried out the OpenRun Professional headset, and lauded the “lightweight, cushty, and sturdy” raze, and illustrious how petite discomfort or stress he felt whereas sporting and exercising with the headset. And customers agree: As one Best Aquire customer and OpenRun Professional proprietor put it, “This headphone is an efficient audio wonder that superbly combines technology, raze, and comfort.”

Review: Shokz OpenRun Professional: Outstanding bone conduction headset for safe practicing

“These headphones beget change into my ride-to for jogging and out of doorways actions, and I’ve stumbled on it to be rather a sport changer,” said runner Kyle Roof. “[They] offer an interesting balance of sound quality, situational consciousness, comfort, and durability.” 

To back them shield in put at some level of your exercise, Shokz entails a headband alongside with your bone conduction headphones, and the titanium frame simply wraps spherical your head for a lightweight match that is easy to position on when you happen to also can very successfully be most full of life.


  • LED indicator
  • Overjoyed match
  • Sweat-resistant


  • Mediocre audio output

Philips Stride A7607 tech specs: Kind: Originate ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IP66 | Weight: 1.3 oz | Battery lifestyles: 9 hours | Dimensions: 6.65 x 5.31 x 2.72 inches

Bring these bone conduction headphones to the office to your conference calls and then blueprint cessation them appropriate to the fitness center for a weight-lifting session or on an out of doorways lumber in a while — they’re that versatile. They beget got an IP66 rating, making them water-resistant and sweatproof, and their birth-ear raze component makes them a extensive different for somebody who needs to be as mindful of their surroundings as they are immersed in the insist they’re streaming. 

ZDNET editor Jada Jones made the switch from AirPods to the Phillips Stride A7607 whereas going on out of doorways walks. She experiences that they now not easiest give her extra peace of mind as a young woman walking by myself, however elevate groove-ready audio that will get “plenty loud.” Amazon reviewers moreover complimented the headphones’ waterproof rating and lengthy battery lifestyles. 

Review: Why these bone conduction headphones are my ride-to for out of doorways listening

These headphones are made for athletes and health junkies, with about a subtle parts that fetch them a match for any out of doorways exercise obsessive. The neckband integrates a vivid purple LED light that helps you shield visible to cars and folks when you will must exercise at night.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Rated for swimming
  • Extensive clarity
  • Amplified sound in water


  • No Bluetooth
  • Oddly heavy bass

Shokz OpenSwim tech specs: Kind: Originate ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IP68 | Weight: 1.06 oz | Battery lifestyles: 8 hours | Dimensions: 6.65 x 5.31 x 2.72 inches

I sold my mother, an avid swimmer who spends most mornings on the recreation center, these Shokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones for Christmas, and she knowledgeable me that the headphones beget made her morning laps less boring. The track sounds “gratifying” when listening spherical the house or on the office, however when you happen to expend the OpenSwims on the pool as supposed, the sound is amplified and extra unparalleled — if a petite bit heavy on the bass. Assorted customers agree, complimenting the cessation to-rapid sound commerce that occurs once the headphones are submerged below water. 

Unsurprisingly, the OpenSwims are waterproof, and boast a stable battery lifestyles of about eight hours. To hear in the water, probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably load track that you just fetch onto the MP3, which is ready to store up to 1,200 songs on the tool. This approach you develop now not beget access to streaming providers, so these headphones also can fair now not be for you if all of your track is saved on Spotify or Apple Song. In the water, my mother said she had no components with the responsive and intuitive contact controls for taking part in or pausing the track or turning the quantity up or down. 

Because of the raze of these headphones, probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably now not put on them and moreover duvet your ears with a swim cap, which is something to shield in mind when it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be attempting to quit remote from water stepping into your ears as you swim. Nonetheless moreover that, these are a highly recommendable waterproof pair of headphones that can please any swimmer searching out for to spice up their rote laps. 


  • Really sweat-proof
  • Extensive, responsive contact controls
  • Sound on par with Shokz OpenRun Pros


  • First lumber with headphones offered crude sound quality, however improved upon consecutive runs

Mojawa Creep Plus tech specs: Kind: Originate ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IP68 | Weight: 0.07 pounds | Battery lifestyles: 8 hours | Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches

ZDNET contributor Jack Wallen replaced his $180 pair of Shokz OpenRun Pros with these $160 bone conduction headphones, and he’s rather happy with them. They offer big UX and identical sound quality to the Shokz OpenRun Professional bone conduction headphones. Plus, they are able to the truth is withstand sweaty workouts, something Wallen stumbled on sophisticated for assorted bone conduction headphones to manufacture. That probabilities are you’ll also lumber with these however probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably moreover swim with them, given their IP68 waterproof rating. 

The contact controls are intuitive (and a long way higher than the buttons on the Shokz headphones) and the sound out of these is huge. “While you often exercise and manufacture the truth is intensive sweat (and will now not be troubled with the best sound most likely), these are for you. Additionally, when you look the Shokz OpenRun Professional headphones to be tough to manipulate, the Mojawa instruments will fetch you very entirely contented,” Wallen writes in his evaluate. 

A couple of Amazon merchants moreover in contrast the Creep Plus to the OpenRun Professional, and came to the conclusion that the Creep Plus is a winner in most courses, adore comfort, battery, and sound quality. Plus, these will swimsuit swimmers as successfully as out of doorways runners with a stronger waterproof rating than the OpenRun Professional. 

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  • Extensive, mindful sound
  • Essentially the most cushty earbuds I’ve tried
  • Extensive different to bone conduction


  • Have a tendency to randomly disconnect from Bluetooth
  • Dear
  • Would now not match every ear

Bose Extremely Originate earbuds specs: Kind: Originate ear/ear cuff | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IPX4 | Weight: .01 pounds | Battery lifestyles: 7.5 hours 

At $300, these Bose Extremely Originate earbuds will now not work for all people. Nonetheless when you’re a runner who prioritizes consciousness and improbable sound, these earbuds are about to alter into your favorite running accessory. The Extremely Originate utilizes every bone conduction and air conduction to elevate track that would now not blueprint cessation you out of your atmosphere, whereas accrued offering up unbelievable sound. The raze is unfamiliar, too: the earbuds cuff to your ear adore a clip on earring, and by contrivance of this raze, they shield put. That probabilities are you’ll also ride and shake your head all you’d like — they’ll now not whisk. 

They’re the most foremost earbuds that I would possibly presumably put on in all locations — whether or now not the earbuds are taking part in track or off. The raze and sound fetch it so easy to field up environmental consciousness that I saved them in whereas grocery shopping in a busy Seller Joe’s, on the subway, and on walks dwelling. Customarily if a pair of earbuds is now not the truth is taking part in, I will blueprint cessation away them from my ears because of this of of how they blueprint cessation me out of my atmosphere. These develop now not. They’re gratifying to position on on lengthy runs and can handle mud and water, too. 

One blueprint back to those earbuds, on the different hand, is how the connection tends to ride in and out on sure cases. Of us on Reddit agree, and beget complained in regards to the earbuds’ tendency to disconnect randomly. 

While you beget an interest in mindful sound, need an different to bone conduction headphones, and are prepared to pay a premium ticket, these are undoubtedly worth it. 

Extra: I lumber with these Bose earbuds as a alternative of bone conduction headphones. Here is why 


  • Extremely cheap
  • 360-level raze
  • Long battery lifestyles


  • Non-adjustable headband
  • No longer lengthy-lasting, per opinions

Tayogo S2 tech specs: Kind: Over-ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IPX5 | Weight: 5.6 oz | Battery lifestyles: 8 hours | Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 1 inches

While it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be on a funds, the Tayogo S2 headphones are the best bone conduction headphones probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably buy. At below $50, these lightweight wireless headphones are made for runners, cyclers, and health junkies. Abilities premium sound, entire with a constructed-in microphone and easy controls that can back you with out ache switch from track to phone calls with zero trouble. 

Built-in is Bluetooth 5.0 technology, plus there would possibly be easy compatibility with iOS and Android programs. With a 200 mAH battery, these headphones will give you up to eight hours of discuss time or a whopping 360 hours of standby time.

“The [Taygo S2 bone conduction headphones] are an economical approach to originate on this planet of bone-conduction headphones,” says runner and individual Graham McCormack. 

Essentially the most efficient blueprint back to a more cost-effective headphone is its staying vitality. Many opinions on commerce websites adore Amazon observation on the headphone’s tendency to die impulsively. On condition that the battery lifestyles and offers are presumably cheaper, these will now not be a pair of headphones that can closing you a few years forward of you hang one other pair. What you win in price-effectiveness you lose in longevity. 

The best bone-conduction headphones are the Shokz OpenRun Professional, an IP55 water-resistant field with constructed-in Bluetooth 5.1 technology and the longest battery lifestyles on this list. With their oldschool over-the-ear raze and lightweight raze, they affect our vote for the best bone conduction headphones. 

To ogle how they stack up, right here is an outline of the quite quite a bit of high picks on this list. 

Best bone conduction headphones Payment Battery lifestyles Waterproofing
Shokz OpenRun Professional $140 10 hours IP55
Philips Stride A760 $160 9 hours IP66
Shokz OpenSwim $120 8 hours IP68
Mojawa Creep Plus $160 8 hours IP68
Bose Extremely Originate  $300 7.5 hours IPX4
Tayogo S2 $30 8 hours IPX5

*MSRP on the time of writing. Please advise that true costs also can fair differ searching on available sales, offers, discounts, and coupons.

Wish to fetch definite you make a selection the pair of bone conduction headphones that best match your needs and ears? This chart extra breaks down our favorite parts.

Resolve these bone conduction headphones… If you need…
Shokz OpenRun Professional Bone conduction headphones with Bluetooth 5.1 and a 10-hour battery lifestyles. These are the best bone conduction headphones on the list for audio quality and or now not it’s ninth-generation bone conduction technology.
Philips Stride A7607 A versatile pair of bone conduction headphones that would possibly also be feeble for out of doorways listening.
Shokz OpenSwim A pair of bone conduction headphones for swimming with an IP68 rating that would possibly also be submerged in up to 10 toes of water.
Mojawa Creep Plus An OpenRun Professional dupe with an IP68 rating for those excessive depth, sweaty workouts or swimming courses. Many opinions whisper that these work even higher than the OpenRun Professional, for $20 less.
Bose Extremely Originate Essentially the most costly bone conduction headphones on this list. The Bose Extremely Originate earbuds offer up a ideal raze that stays slot in your ear and delivers improbable sound whereas conserving you mindful of your atmosphere. The earbuds offer all-day comfort and a raze component that makes it easy to clip in your ears even when track is turned off. 
Tayogo S2 A funds-friendly pair of bone conduction headphones with a sweatproof birth-ear raze and Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

There are about a basic components to shield in mind as you shop spherical for a pair of bone conduction headphones. Listed below are the greatest ones to mediate about. 

  • Kind: There are many assorted forms of bone conduction headphones, reminiscent of over-the-ear or in-ear bone conduction headphones. Beget you’d like these headphones for swimming underwater, running out of doorways in rain, or doing a petite bit bit of every, plus some conference calls and informal listening? Every person has a preference, and some bone conduction headphones will work splendidly for swimming however fail at informal out of doorways listening. Gleaming your supposed expend is the most foremost and most serious component to mediate about.

  • Sound quality: This comes as no surprise, however when it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be spending $100 to $200 on a pair of headphones, they want to accrued beget decent sound that would now not the truth is tinny, warbled, or muffled. Bone conduction headphones and big sound quality develop now not continuously ride collectively, however now we beget tested and chosen headphones that attain indeed offer improbable sound quality whereas conserving you mindful of your surroundings. 

  • Battery lifestyles: The bone conduction headphones on this list beget moderate battery lives of 8.5 hours. While you are going to expend extra than $100 on a pair of headphones, its battery lifestyles must accrued closing you additional than two or three exercise courses. 

  • Sweat and waterproof rating: While it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be a swimmer, mediate about a waterproof rating of IP68. While it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be an out of doorways runner who exercises in inclement weather (or ideal sweats quite a bit) ogle for a waterproof rating of now not lower than IP55. 

  • Payment: From $30 to $200, the bone conduction headphones on this list differ in ticket. Nonetheless it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be getting what you pay for. As talked about in the listicles above, a more cost-effective pair of headphones will beget shorter battery lifestyles and longevity, whereas a dearer pair will closing you longer and be extra sturdy. 

ZDNET went hands-on with most of the picks on this list, and we are continually testing the most fresh and hottest tech to update these solutions accordingly. When we test a product, we on the entire expend about a weeks if now not longer attempting it out in extra than one environments forward of writing up a evaluate and adding it to this list. When we develop now not adore a product, we won’t consist of it on this list (because of this of who needs to be taught a evaluate of a inappropriate headphone?). For these headphones, our contributors beget long previous on runs and swam in them, placing them to the test in varying stipulations to hunt ideal how successfully they are able to do. 

We know that investing in technology would possibly also be dear, so we blueprint cessation into legend ticket, efficiency, individual skills, customer opinions, longevity, and battery lifestyles, and easiest advocate merchandise we would the truth is expend ourselves. 

Bone conduction headphones expend vibrations to transmit sound waves at once to the interior ear, bypassing the eardrum. Unlike in-ear buds or over-ear headphones, which seal in sounds and transmit noise that vibrates from the eardrum and to the cochlea (the proportion of your ear that responds to noise), bone conduction headphones work by emitting vibrations that quit remote from the eardrum and ride straight to the cochlea, SoundGuys creator Lily Katz outlined in a fresh article. 

It used to be Beethoven himself who pioneered this track-listening contrivance. When his hearing used to be deteriorating, Beethoven would put the tip of a stick on his piano and bite the quite quite a bit of aspect of it to feel the track near by contrivance of his jaw, and hear with out his ears, in accordance to ZME Science. 

These headphones on the entire sit down on the cheekbones and expend a minute transducer to ship vibrations by contrivance of the bones of the face to the interior ear. This lets in customers to listen to the audio clearly, whereas accrued being ready to listen to their surroundings. This would possibly maybe presumably even be indispensable for folks who work in noisy environments or must you are onerous of hearing. They moreover would possibly also be feeble for folks who’re unable to position on oldschool headphones as a consequence of physical stipulations.

This unfamiliar engineering of bone conduction headphones would possibly presumably slice the interior-ear trauma of jamming out with earbuds.

No longer all bone conduction headphones are waterproof, so it’s mandatory to test the waterproof or water-resistant rating on a field forward of making a hang. While you’d like a pair of waterproof bone conduction headphones that probabilities are you’ll maybe presumably swim in, ogle for a rating of IP68.

Bone conduction headphones can differ seriously in ticket, searching on the manufacturer and mannequin that you just make a selection. Our picks for the best bone conduction headphones differ in price from $30 to $200 every.

Because of this of their raze, they’re going to now not be the premium headphone choice for audio quality. Nonetheless probabilities are it’s most likely you’ll also very successfully be now not searching out out them out for audio quality solutions. Bone conduction headphones, because of this of of an birth raze, can back general hearing health and amplify environmental consciousness. 

Shall we embrace, Dr. Kelvin Fernandez, a doctor and healthcare educator at Ace Med Boards, calls them a true sport-changer in the scientific realm and cites a time they helped his affected person, an up-and-coming musician tormented by hearing loss. “They let him support doing what he loved. It used to be a true emotional win and a ideal example of how tech can fetch lifestyles higher,” Fernandez said. 

Aftershokz merchandise are accrued spherical and thriving, however this day, they are known as Shokz after a December 2021 rebranding. One of Aftershokz’s high merchandise and our best bone conduction headphones for inexperienced persons, the Aftershokz Aeropex, is now known as the Shokz OpenRun.

Originate air of these six bone conduction headphones, there are moreover a handful of others that caught our attention. Brands adore AfterShokz and Pyle Bone fetch big different decisions. We have long previous hands on with these bone conduction headphones as successfully if those above develop now not match your esteem. 

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