22 Easiest Nintendo Swap Accessories (2024): Docks, Cases, Headsets, and More

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For More Security

AmFilm Tempered Glass Display conceal Protector

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For More Situation

SanDisk 128 GB High-Lumber MicroSD Card

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For Wi-fi Audio

HyperX Cloud III Wi-fi

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For Spare Controller Charging

HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2

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The Nintendo Swap has improbable staying vitality for a console that’s now seven years former and has simplest had a life like change to its conceal conceal and kickstand in spite of every little thing that time. Unlike the homebound PlayStation 5 and Xbox Sequence X, the Swap is transportable, personal, and filled with remarkable and indie titles. On account of it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to play the Swap at dwelling or on the avenue, that it is advisable to additionally need batteries, maintaining cases, and other accessories you’re no longer susceptible to purchasing for for a console.

The Swap OLED is a magnificent enchancment over the distinctive, and the accessories on this checklist must gathered work with the OLED version except otherwise illustrious within the textual divulge or purchase links, despite the truth that we haven’t tested them all on it. Some are steady for Nintendo’s Swap Lite, the Swap’s mobile-simplest sibling that can’t dock to a TV. Guarantee to take a look at our roundup of the Easiest Swap Video games and our Swap pointers and methods to gain basically the most out of your machine.

Updated March 2024: We have added the HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2, Monoprice transportable battery bank, Pleasure-Con bundle, and eXtremeRate DIY replacement shell.

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  • Photo: Amazon

    For More Security

    AmFilm Tempered Glass Display conceal Protector

    Right here’s predominant merchandise number 1. The Swap is a handheld machine, so that you just’re going to take it with you on a visit some point. If you attain, its conceal conceal will scratch, and you’ll detest yourself every time you glimpse that blemish as you play.

    We’ve inclined this conceal conceal protector, and it doesn’t bubble. This can also defend your conceal conceal from the Swap TV Dock, which has scratched some Swap house owners’ shows. In our testing, this conceal conceal protector has lasted over four years with out exhibiting its age. Right here is one of many rare accessories that isn’t interchangeable between the Swap and Swap OLED, so make lag that to gain the simply one to your model.

  • Photo: Sandisk

    For More Situation

    SanDisk 128 GB High-Lumber MicroSD Card

    Don’t skimp on a perfect microSD card. Seize one with a minimal of 128 gigabytes of storage so it lasts a pair of years. You are going to be ready to gathered purchase video games on cartridges for the Swap, but some titles need extra storage, and indie video games on Nintendo’s eShop are simplest available via download. Pop it in, neglect about it, and download hundreds video games. If you derive one on sale, make lag that it’s marked as Class 10 and a minimal of XC 1 (and take a look at out our SD card velocity explainer for folks that would perchance prefer to understand what meaning).

    ★ Different: So long as you gain the accurate velocity to your microSD card, there is no longer for all time too much to stammer apart one from one other. Unless it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be looking at this formally licensed 1-TB Story of Zelda SanDisk microSD card ($110). It be pricey, but it no doubt’s also sixteen events more storage condo than the Swap OLED comes with on its own. Plus or no longer it’s got that dapper minute Hylian logo on it. Is never for all time in actuality that good?

  • Photo: HyperX

    For Wi-fi Audio

    HyperX Cloud III Wi-fi

    The HyperX Cloud III Wi-fi headset (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a worthy replace to the Cloud Alpha Wi-fi that earned our rare 10/10 rating. The Cloud III Wi-fi headphones don’t gain rather as much battery, but they’re rated for 120 hours, which is gathered absurdly long as in contrast with most headsets. They’re comfortable, invent solid audio quality, and come with a USB-C dongle to swagger it at as soon as into your console (massive news for Swap users!). There’s also a USB-C to USB-A adapter within the equipment, so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to exercise the headphones with other devices as correctly, including your PC or PS5.

  • Photo: Walmart

    For Spare Controller Charging

    HyperX ChargePlay Quad 2

    It’s easy to payment your Pleasure-Cons by storing them alongside with your Swap while it costs. But for folks that defend spares round—for must you have to to host that Mario Occasion sport evening—those could well maybe perchance also additionally be more demanding to defend up topped up. We preferred HyperX’s ChargePlay Quad, but the apply-up, the ChargePlay Quad 2, is even larger. It has the the same four slots for Pleasure-Cons as its predecessor but now makes exercise of a more handy USB-C charging cable. While the firm claims it takes 3.5 hours to totally payment the Pleasure-Cons, it will from time to time gain controllers charged more than 75 percent of the vogue in round half of an hour. That’s massive news to your next gain together.

  • Photo: Nintendo

    For Pro Gamers

    Nintendo Swap Pro Controller

    If you intend to kick help and totally immerse yourself in The Story of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s first-gain together likelihood is basically the most efficient wi-fi controller it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to purchase. The Pro Controller is delighted to defend up for extended periods, and it reliably registers every faucet. Pronounced face buttons and satisfyingly contoured grips invent it a plush enhance. It’s one of basically the most delighted controllers I’ve inclined (on any console).

  • Photo: 8BitDo

    For the Controller Collector

    8Bitdo Wi-fi Controller Adapter 2

    When you have already got a series of controllers for other methods, it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to exercise most of them alongside with your Swap via this adapter from 8Bitdo. Jog it into the Swap dock—or the Swap at as soon as—via a USB-C adapter to pair most Xbox and PlayStation controllers, plus a unfold of other Bluetooth controllers and arcade sticks.

  • Photo: Fjallraven

    For the Launch air

    Fjallraven Greenland Pocket

    The Fjallraven Greenland Pocket is one of our popular shoulder bags, and it’s got quite rather a lot of condo to retailer a Swap and even a pair of accessories. Its cotton and polyester exterior holds up correctly against rainfall, and it’s standard enough to pair correctly with outfits year-round.

    Our earlier recommendation used to be the Bionik Power, which is gathered round in some locations and is a case that contains a 10,000-mAh battery. But it’s getting more tough to search out, and this Fjallraven derive is honest enough to be a worthy successor.

  • Photo: Orzly

    For Further Sturdiness

    Orzly Defending Case (Handheld Easiest)

    If you exercise your Swap primarily in handheld mode, this Orzly case is a low-imprint and easy manner to present it some durability and extra grip. Fabricated from thermoplastic polyurethane, it has a exhausting, rubberized in actuality feel and suits tightly over the Swap. It adds some fall protection and has a wonderful lip on the front that helps defend the conceal conceal upon influence. You are going to be ready to’t with out problems take the Pleasure-Cons off or dock the Swap with it on, but it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to drag the case off with out too much bother.

  • Photo: Amazon

    For Better Group

    Orzly Elevate Case

    Even with a conceal conceal protector, it’s perfect much less difficult to place your Swap in a carrying case must you journey on journeys. This Orzly case holds extra video games, plus cables and controllers in a mesh pocket, offering one trim equipment. That manner, you won’t lose track of your stuff. There are plenty of colors it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to make a decision from. It be made of an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam and has a handy handle on the top edge.

  • Photo: RLSOCO

    For Docking Launch air Your Dwelling

    RLSOCO Carrying Case

    If you’re more of a TV participant and must yell the Swap Dock to a chum’s condo, this case will attain the trick. It has enough room for the dock, the Swap, standard Pleasure-Cons, a Pro Controller, sport cartridges, and even the charger and HDMI cable. There is a shoulder strap for folks that would perchance prefer to sling it across your physique as you head to your pal’s sport evening.

  • Photo: Amazon

    For Better Ergonomics

    FastSnail Grips Pleasure-Con Controller Handles

    Some video games, admire Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, enable you to tilt every Pleasure-Con on its facet and defend it admire a mature controller—a truly tiny controller. This accent isn’t the relaxation particular, but it no doubt adds some dimension to every Pleasure-Con and makes the shoulder buttons a long way much less difficult to press. It reveals its worth any time you damage staunch into a multiplayer Mario Kart bustle.

  • Photo: Easiest Buy

    For All-in-One Security

    Zagg Kita Grip 360

    If you primarily exercise your Swap in handheld mode, it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to resolve the ergonomic and conceal conceal protection problems in one journey with the Kita Grip 360 kit. It comes with a flexible case that goes round your total console, Pleasure-Cons and all. On high of offering some fall protection, it involves grips on both facet so it’s more delighted to defend up.

    The kit even comes with a GlassFusion conceal conceal protector. You are going to be ready to leave the conceal conceal protector to your total time, and the case can come off for folks that ever desire to eradicate the Pleasure-Cons. It be simplest available for the distinctive Swap.

  • Photo: Monoprice

    For Continued Play

    Monoprice 20,000 mAh Power Bank with Wi-fi Charging

    Tears of the Kingdom could well maybe perchance even be an very perfect sport, but it no doubt could well maybe perchance also additionally plod via your battery life. (Get it?) Fortunately, this Monoprice battery has a 20,000-mAh ability—almost 5 events as massive because the Swap OLED’s battery. It be one of our popular transportable vitality banks, and or no longer it’s rather cheaper for a manner much payment you gain in one minute procedure. It supports wi-fi charging so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to wirelessly payment your cell telephone while you play.

  • Photo: 8BitDo

    For the Nostalgic

    8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

    In portray for you every button that comes on a Pro controller but admire the standard in actuality feel of the SNES pad, 8Bitdo’s SN30 is for you. It’s mild-weight, with right buttons and analog sticks that in actuality feel incredibly gorgeous. It even has motion defend an eye on. The most efficient snag is that it lacks NFC, so you would perchance no longer scan Amiibo collectible figurines in supported video games. On the plus facet, this could well maybe maybe pair with any Bluetooth-succesful procedure, admire your PC or smartphone.

  • Photo: Hori

    For Better Hand Comfort

    Hori Split Pad Pro

    The Swap’s Pleasure-Con controllers could well maybe perchance also very correctly be a minute engineering marvel, but they’re also … minute. If you’re more delighted with the increased Swap Pro Controller but wish it used to be much less difficult to exercise on the journey, the Hori Split Pad Pro could well maybe perchance also very correctly be the ideal heart-floor for you. These resemble a frequent increased controller, but crop up—gain it?—down the heart. They can connect with both facet of the Swap so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to play in transportable mode with out cramping your fingers.

  • Photo: Nintendo

    For More Pleasure-Cons

    Nintendo Pleasure-Cons

    Further Pleasure-Cons yell extra joy! Nintendo is identified for its killer couch co-op video games, and spare Pleasure-Cons will enable you to expertise four-participant Mario Kart or ARMS at a moment’s stare. When it’s time to gain off the sofa, these tiny removable controllers are minute enough to take with you. Integrated with every Pleasure-Con is a wrist strap, so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to flail away with out being concerned about your controller becoming a TV-shattering projectile.

  • Photo: Flipper Zero

    For Amiibo Shenanigans

    Flipper Zero

    The Flipper Zero could well maybe perchance even be a penetration testing tool, but it no doubt’s diagram more fun to exercise it to clone horses and rating chocolates in Tears of the Kingdom by emulating Amiibo codes. We admit purchasing for a Flipper Zero namely to exercise with the Swap is completely a minute admire purchasing for a dump truck to abet you to take out the trash. On the other hand, for folks that’re a techie who likes to tinker and be taught the diagram in which things work, there’s a magnificent quantity of fun available scanning and emulating the Amiibo codes to your sequence.

  • Photo: eXtremeRate

    A DIY Replace Shell

    eXtremeRate DIY Replace Shell

    There used to be a time within the ’90s when every machine had a translucent, colored casing. It used to be magnificent. Fortunately, there are devoted folks with kind available making replacement shells admire this one which it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to exercise to remake your Swap and its Pleasure-Cons in a more snazzy assemble. Changing the Swap shell is no longer for all time overly no longer easy (despite the truth that the Pleasure-Con controllers is mostly honest a minute more challenging), but for folks that can maybe maybe perchance even be delighted taking apart your objects, or no longer it is a modification that can maybe maybe perchance also simply even be exceptionally worthwhile.

  • Photo: TFY

    For Long Rides

    TFY Automobile Headrest Mount for Swap

    Right here’s a horny total elastic and velcro strap that holds the Swap to the help of a car seat. Correct wrap the elastic across the headrest—or a tray on an airplane if it suits—and run off your Pleasure-Con controllers to fit the Swap conceal within the grips. You are going to be ready to presumably fit a minute tablet too.

  • Photo: Saiji

    For Lazy Gaming

    Saiji Gooseneck Arm Mount

    It could well maybe perchance also sound foolish, but this gooseneck arm is one of many handiest Swap accessories we have tried. It’s versatile, so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to mount it in no matter space you desire, and it’s sturdy enough to finish wherever you place it. If it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be sore after a long day and desire to lie down, here’s a sizable easy manner to defend up up the Swap’s conceal conceal with out straining your wrists or adjusting your posture.

  • Photo: Amazon

    For Charging on the Avenue

    PowerA Swap Automobile Charger

    If you’re on a avenue time out and want a high-up, in most cases a perfect cigarette-lighter charging adapter is your simplest bet. More moderen vehicles don’t even acknowledge that these ports susceptible to be for cigarettes, but both manner, this USB-C car charger must gathered work massive. It’s 6 toes long, so that it’s seemingly you’ll maybe maybe be ready to payment while within the help seat too.

  • Photo: Nintendo

    For Charging Pleasure-Cons

    Nintendo Pleasure-Con Charging Grip

    The Swap appears to for all time want a recharge, and that’s why a perfect part of this checklist is dedicated to batteries and cables. The Pleasure-Con controllers are honest a minute of much less difficult on the juice, but for folks that incessantly exercise them one by one from your Swap, you’ll desire to search out a charging resolution. You are going to be ready to acquire a Pleasure-Con charger or perfect swagger your Pleasure-Cons into your Swap for charging. Or purchase this replace Pleasure-Con grip. It doesn’t have a battery, but it no doubt can swagger in via USB to recharge your controllers while they’re docked in it.

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