The best travel VPNs of 2024: Professional tested and reviewed

ZDNET’s reviewers make large testing on the VPNs on this listing. We test out connections thru diversified countries, and speed scuttle exams the use of speedtest.receive to measure and compare results. We also test whether the VPN has any DNS leaks while connecting, which would maybe well potentially provide info to your ISP or other companies about what web sites you talk over with or your originating jam or IP handle. We reduction in mind how straightforward each and every service is to navigate by way of web remark and app, how effectively it in fact works for streaming remark material, and its customer service offerings. All of these components give us a search for into how effectively the VPN works, and how accurate it’s miles.

If you happen to travel, you are going to beget to quiet now not saunter away safety and privateness at dwelling. A travel virtual non-public network (VPN) can reduction your info safe and give you peace of mind whenever you happen to would maybe well very effectively be on the saunter, particularly whenever you would very effectively be traveling to one other nation. The service you exercise at dwelling will most likely be ample for streaming movies, however VPNs are also a essential instrument to present protection to your info out of the nation. 

Connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot in an airport, resort, or coffee shop will most likely be handy, nonetheless it undoubtedly will not be at all times in fact accurate. That is the effect a VPN comes to the rescue. The best VPNs carry out accurate tunnels that defend your web remark web remark visitors, offering an additional layer of protection so your monetary info or login credentials are at decrease threat of publicity or theft. 

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What is the best travel VPN appropriate now?

I and other ZDNET editors beget thoroughly tested the best travel VPNs to mean it’s most likely you’ll well salvage the head possibility to reduction your connections safe and accurate. Our pick for the best travel VPN total is NordVPN, as a consequence of its snappily and professional connections, as effectively as its large server network. Read on for the leisure of our tested top picks to salvage the best travel VPN for you. 

Best travel VPNs of 2024


Best travel VPN total

NordVPN parts: Servers: 5,000+, 60 countries | Simultaneous connections: Six | Abolish swap: Yes | Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox, Edge | Logging: No activity logs | Money-reduction sing: 30 days

In our testing of NordVPN, we came across it had a snappily and professional connection and changed into assuredly fixed across a ample preference of scenarios. If you would very effectively be traveling, you would most likely depend on NordVPN irrespective of the effect you would very effectively be connecting from.

NordVPN also helps (note-to-note) P2P sharing and is one of our celebrated VPNs for torrenting. It offers a 2nd layer of encryption thru its Double VPN feature and has a faithful IP whenever you would very effectively be making an are trying to speed a VPN that doubles as a server. Concerning compatibility, NordVPN helps all major platforms and has additional browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Overview: NordVPN offers fixed scuttle and efficiency

Total, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs, especially for travel. It has a 30-day money-reduction sing, which will beget to quiet give you ample time to test the product and glimpse if it’s miles the suitable fit for you. You might well pick out between Complete, Plus, and Standard, the adaptation being win entry to to a password manager, info breach scanner, or encrypted cloud storage service. 

After years of use, I’ve often came across it to be user-friendly, snappily to glue, with felony speeds. I prefer this VPN as my travel possibility as I’m able to saunter away it running while streaming remark material without field. Customers adore how straightforward the VPN app is to make use of and offers felony speeds, even supposing inconsistent pricing has been seen. 

Prices open from $3.99 per 30 days on a Standard two-365 days opinion with an Uber Eats voucher thrown in. One-365 days plans open at $4.99. If you also favor cybersecurity protections and protection for identification theft, reduction in mind the Closing subscription, which begins at $6.99/month.

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Best travel VPN for cellular

ExpressVPN parts: Servers: 105 countries | Simultaneous connections: Up to eight | Abolish swap: Yes | Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and more | Logging: No browsing logs, some connection logs | Money-reduction sing: 30 days

ExpressVPN has a ample server network comprising now not decrease than 160 server areas in 105 countries, a network that has just now not too long ago been expanded. No topic the effect you would very effectively be traveling, there is a felony likelihood you would attach to a local server.

ExpressVPN is a widely susceptible VPN provider that helps many platforms and devices. It be also one of the best VPNs for iPhones and a top VPN for Android, making it worthwhile for traveling, especially when the use of a couple of devices on diversified working systems. You might well use the native app or characteristic up ExpressVPN manually on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebooks, and more. ExpressVPN has a non-public DNS functionality, which runs on every VPN server regardless of jam. So, as an illustration, whenever you happen to would maybe well very effectively be making an are trying to win entry to Gmail, ExpressVPN will handle DNS requests privately. 

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ExpressVPN’s privateness policy clearly outlines what info it collects. It doesn’t log info that will very effectively be at threat of title you, such as your IP handle, browsing historical past, or DNS queries. The company has also just now not too long ago launched an ad blocker and the likelihood to block explicit remark material by default. 

One plot back, nonetheless, is that the number of simultaneous devices you would very effectively be permitted relies on the opinion you are going to beget gotten, with a most of eight. All the way in which thru long-time duration usage, I in fact beget came across that ExpressVPN offers some of the best speeds total and accurate connectivity, even supposing on rare event, I need to swap servers as speeds would fall. Customers impart that while costly, this VPN affords bang to your buck, bolstered by accurate customer toughen.

At the time of writing, subscription prices open at $6.67 per 30 days on a small-time handle a 12-month opinion. Three months of free win entry to are incorporated. You might well make a choice for $9.99 per 30 days for six months or $12.95 for one month of win entry to. 

Overview: ExpressVPN evaluate: A truly best VPN service, however is it definitely value the value?

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Surfshark VPN

Best finances-friendly travel VPN

Surfshark VPN parts: Servers: 3,200+, 100 countries | Simultaneous connections: Limitless | Abolish swap: Yes | Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Firefox, Chrome | Logging: No activity logs | Money-reduction sing: 30 days

Surfshark offers professional and snappily connections at moderate speeds. It also looks to be to be an awfully accurate possibility, as we came across no DNS leaks one day of recent exams. The company doesn’t log your activity when you exercise the service and offers non-public DNS capabilities and what Surfshark calls NoBorders mode. This option permits you to win entry to web sites regardless of restrictive border connections. Be careful, despite the proven reality that. Countries limiting win entry to are inclined to frown on bypassing those restrictions.

Overview: Surfshark VPN: Limitless connections make it a accurate mark pick

Surfshark VPN comes with many parts, collectively with break up tunneling, a extinguish swap to reduction your connection accurate if it drops, MultiHop (a double VPN), static and rotating IP addresses, and an ad blocker. There are also cheap add-on instruments, collectively with a tracker-free search engine, info breach scanner, and antivirus software. One plot back, despite the proven reality that, is that preliminary connections to servers will be tiring. Additionally, Surfshark operates a stay warrant canary and is independently audited.

A feature I particularly adore is the likelihood to both disconnect fully or discontinuance your VPN tunnel for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or two hours. Customers applaud Surfshark customer service however some issue billing components.

Surfshark’s VPN prices open at $2.29 per 30 days for a two-365 days subscription opinion (two months free) and $3.99 per 30 days for a one-365 days subscription. Alternatively, you would join one month for $10.99. You might well very effectively be billed for the total equipment at the time of signal-up. 

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IPVanish VPN

Best travel VPN for unlimited connections

IPVanish VPN parts: Servers: 2,000+, 75+ areas | Simultaneous connections: Limitless | Abolish swap: Yes | Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Android TV, Chrome, Apple TV | Logging: No activity logs | Money-reduction sing: 30 days

IPVanish is a highly customizable VPN with a user-friendly interface and a raft of configuration suggestions for the app. The app offers you many server preference suggestions and presentations each and every jam’s ping scuttle and server load. 

These parts will be necessary whenever you happen to would maybe well very effectively be on the avenue because of this of they reduction you beget chose the optimal server in response to your recent jam, that will fluctuate relying to your jam. It be also a felony possibility for streaming companies.

If the freedom to configure your VPN to your liking and the ability to make a choice out from an large listing of countries and servers are your priorities, right here’s the VPN for you. The user interface is fundamental and now not precisely lovely, nonetheless it’s straightforward to make use of and lays out scuttle statistics, nation suggestions, and more in a straightforward format. Customers impart this VPN is easy to make use of on all platforms.

IPVanish offers a discounted opinion for $2.75 per 30 days whenever you commit to 2 years. This increases to $3.33/month for a yearly opinion and $12.99 for one month. 

Overview: IPVanish: A VPN with a wealth of suggestions

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Personal Web Entry

Best travel VPN for ease of use

Personal Web Entry parts: Servers: 91 countries | Simultaneous connections: Limitless | Abolish swap: Yes | Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, routers, NAS | Logging: No activity logs | Money-reduction sing: 30 days

If you’d adore a characteristic-and-forget VPN when you would very effectively be on the avenue, Personal Web Entry is a ample quite quite a bit of. The VPN has a ample and large server network, however one of its fundamental strengths is its simplicity and ease of use. Download, click the connection button, and the VPN will enact the leisure. 

We also adore how the begin source, Wireguard-essentially based fully mostly VPN is laid out, with jam suggestions and customizable settings that are straightforward to attain without technical jargon to confuse original VPN users, and the entirety is packaged up in a cultured user interface. You might well steal advantage of parts collectively with break up tunneling, a extinguish swap, and ad blocking off. Customers salvage the service is professional and it looks to be to work effectively in many areas worldwide.

Personal Web Entry has a promotion accessible: whenever you make a choice for a 3-365 days opinion at $2.03 per 30 days, you are going to receive two months of free win entry to. If you’d would like to strive it out, you would buy a month’s value of win entry to for $11.95, or one 365 days for $3.33/month.

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The best VPN for travel is NordVPN, offering snappily speeds, top-notch safety parts, and snappily connections. 

At ZDNET, now we beget tested many VPN companies over time. I in fact beget susceptible NordVPN broadly for years now and came across that it affords more snappily connections and a piece of greater speeds. I’ve also came across it professional for streaming companies, irrespective of the effect I’m on the earth.

Even when now not traveling, NordVPN can accurate your web connection from factual about any instrument.

Best travel VPN


Abolish swap

Simultaneous connections




Money-reduction sing


Begins at $3.99/month



5,000+ servers, 60 countries

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox, Edge

No activity logs

30 days


Begins at $6.67/month



160 server areas, 94 countries

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and more

No browsing logs, some connection logs

30 days

Surfshark VPN

Begins at $2.29/month



3,200+ servers, 100 countries

Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Firefox, Chrome

No activity logs

30 days

IPVanish VPN

Begins at $2.75/month



2,000+ servers, over 75 areas

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Fire TV, Android TV, Chrome

No activity logs

30 days

Personal Web Entry

Begins at $2.03/month



91 countries

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome

No activity logs

30 days

*Lowest mark at the time of writing. Please issue that prices would maybe well fluctuate in response to retailer and accessible promotions, sales, or reductions.

The best travel VPN for you are going to balance safety and scuttle. Some VPNs prioritize encryption and other safety measures over efficiency, and while this would maybe well now not beget an value to your web browsing or streaming speeds too important, it’s quiet a part to reduction in mind. 

On the quite quite a bit of hand, our top VPN, NordVPN, will not be at all times in fact essentially the most cost-effective. Varied components adore unlimited instrument connections would maybe well additionally affect your possibility.

Desire this travel VPN…

If you wish or favor…


ZDNET’s total quite quite a bit of for the best travel VPN. NordVPN affords professional and fixed efficiency across a couple of devices and platforms, with felony win entry to to streaming companies.


An enormous server network. ExpressVPN has an large listing of servers, so you are going to most likely beget win entry to to native servers one day of travel. This VPN is one of essentially the most user-friendly VPNs we beget tested.


Limitless simultaneous connections to reduction accurate all of your devices with factual one subscription. It doesn’t harm that Surfshark is extraordinarily inexpensive, too.


A professional and highly configurable VPN. IPVanish offers a user-friendly interface with a raft of configuration suggestions, allowing you to resolve the optimal server in response to your jam while on the avenue.

Personal Web Entry

An begin-source VPN appropriate for rookies that puts user-friendliness first. It be snappily, low mark, and has no limit on simultaneous connections.

If you happen to are deciding on essentially the most appropriate travel VPN for you, you are going to beget to quiet reduction in mind the following components:

  • Label: VPN prices fluctuate, and even supposing essentially the most costly companies can mark you upwards of $10-$20 per 30 days, you would salvage accurate, professional VPNs for as miniature as a couple of bucks. On the quite quite a bit of hand, you are going to be attracted to paying top charges if there are additional parts you want, such as password managers or professional connections in countries such as China.
  • Trial dimension: It be crucial to reduction in mind your chosen mark point in the case of how long you comprise you are going to want a VPN. If you would very effectively be in it for the long haul, reduction in mind a two-365 days subscription — as you are also inclined to carry out the best prices with the longest terms. Some VPNs will offer longer suggestions. On the quite quite a bit of hand, whenever you would very effectively be fully traveling for a month or so, it’s most likely you’ll well be piquant to pay a miniature bit additional so you are now not tied up to a yearly contract or more.
  • Server countries: If you would very effectively be going to one other nation, make certain to test your VPN works there. The majority of VPNs will work in many countries and not utilizing a field, however some areas — such as China or Russia — would maybe well require specific VPNs. 
  • Security: Specialise in the VPN’s safety song legend. Ideally, the VPN will most likely be begin to external audits and they’d now not beget suffered any major, recent info breaches. You will most definitely be succesful of also favor a VPN provider that continuously improves its safety posture. 

Many suppliers instructed on this listing beget been field to in-depth testing and opinions by participants of our ZDNET team. We beget been speaking about other VPNs for years, spoken with their management and their users, and developed a assuredly favorable affect.

Therefore, our team tested and analyzed the best VPNs for travel in 2024 under the use of the following standards that were most necessary in helping you make an told possibility:

  • Performance: Our top VPNs will need to beget a minimum stage of efficiency, especially when you would very effectively be in diversified countries. In spite of the entirety, there’s no point in the use of a VPN while streaming in case your connection continuously drops or lags, making it intolerable.
  • Testing: ZDNET exams VPN companies from a couple of areas, however we can now not test from all areas. In spite of the entirety, every dwelling, community, native ISP, and nation has a determined infrastructure. 
  • Simultaneous connections: Many VPNs limit how many devices you would join to a service at the same time. If you’re going to beget gotten a phone, pill, pc computer, desktop, and presumably even a tidy TV you should connect to a VPN, you’d want a service that enables now not decrease than 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Security: There’ll not be any point the use of a VPN until their safety protocols and encryption ranges are up to scratch. We also ensured that the improvement team slack each and every instructed VPN cares about bettering safety over time and patching reported bugs.
  • Abolish swap: A extinguish swap prevents you from having an unprotected connection and is an essential feature for a VPN, as it protects by combating a return to a default Wi-Fi connection will beget to quiet your web connection all at present fall.
  • Geoblocks and streaming: We know VPNs will be key to gaining access to native remark material and companies when you would very effectively be away from dwelling. We ensured that our top ideas make effectively in relation to these components and are now not at threat of tiring down your connection whenever you are streaming. 
  • Countries & servers: What number of varied countries does the VPN beget servers? This might maybe consist of physical and virtual servers and whether or now not there are ample — now not decrease than 50 or so — to abolish diversity.
  • Trial dimension & mark: Each and every VPN we counsel has a accurate money-reduction sing. 

A VPN is a virtual non-public network that enables users to browse the receive privately and securely join to public Wi-Fi networks with a layer of protection that masks info. VPNs enable users to substitute their virtual jam by redirecting the connection thru worldwide servers. A VPN will also encrypt your web remark web remark visitors, conserving your on-line activities hidden from prying eyes.

On the quite quite a bit of hand, in case your on-line activities are monitored at the ISP stage — impart, by a authorities — they’d search for a VPN’s “signature.” Whereas they are going to now not glimpse the foremost points of what you would very effectively be doing, they’re going to understand that a VPN is in use. 

VPNs are worthwhile in unblocking geo-restricted remark material and assuredly is a essential instrument for gaining access to info in countries with repressive governments. They are essential companies for anyone who desires to reduction excessive safety and privateness on-line. 

A travel VPN is a virtual non-public network that offers a accurate web connection when you travel. It encrypts your on-line web remark web remark visitors and hides your IP handle, holding elegant info from cybercriminals and authorities surveillance. It also permits you to circumvent web censorship and geo-restrictions.

A VPN is worthwhile when counting on public web hotspots, such as those accessible at hotels. Whereas you are going to beget to quiet set up away from the use of public web hotspots as important as most likely for safety causes, a VPN will reduction defend your privateness whenever you are going to beget gotten no other possibility.

You might well additionally favor a travel-appropriate VPN for gaining access to remark material geo-linked to your dwelling in preference to your original jam.

If you expertise web remark web remark visitors slowdowns, test the VPN and Wi-Fi connection between your instrument, router, or win entry to point. Typically, connectivity components open at the source, and in other circumstances, switching your chosen VPN server will most likely be ample to win to the bottom of scuttle problems or connectivity drops.

The usage of a VPN would maybe well tiring down your web scuttle to about a extent because of this of the records need to be encrypted and decrypted before being transmitted. On the quite quite a bit of hand, a felony travel VPN will beget minimal affect to your scuttle, and the added safety is definitely value the cramped loss in scuttle.

If you would very effectively be the use of a public hotspot or resort connection when you would very effectively be away, it’s more most likely that your scuttle will most likely be low at source and now not as snappily as you are at threat of at dwelling.

In most countries, the use of a VPN is felony — however there are some exceptions. Some countries, such as China, Russia, and Iran, limit VPN usage or beget banned the use of VPNs fully. Varied countries beget some restrictions on VPN usage. It be crucial to examine the native felony guidelines of the nation you would very effectively be traveling to before the use of a VPN.

There are several sources. Reaching out to your VPN dealer is often a felony suggestion. They often beget a felony feel for the countries their companies characteristic in and will often publish guidance on their web sites. 

If you would very effectively be a US citizen, it’s most likely you’ll well would like to reduction in mind visiting US Teach Department resoures. It lists travel advisories for US electorate, and they’ve international service officials who can provide trendy guidance. Check the travel advisories web remark. Your nation’s international ministry will beget a the same service whenever you would very effectively be out of doors the US.

To understand which countries both ban or discourage VPN usage, NordVPN has a felony handbook that lists countries with severe restrictions, bans, and most likely penalties for breaking VPN felony guidelines. 

No. VPNs can assuredly defend your info while it’s in straggle. But in case your pc or phone is seized (whether or now not it’s encrypted), it’s most likely legislation enforcement can win entry to your info. Some governments would maybe well reduction your devices for irrespective of reason they comprise worthwhile. 

On-line companies you win entry to in-nation would maybe well want much less protection than those to your host nation. Of route, there are also trendy travel safety components, adore being careful what you use, how you handle cash, who you have faith, and so on, that would maybe well carry dangers one day of travel.

A DNS leak is the publicity of your info whenever you happen to are the use of a VPN, with info — such as DNS queries — leaking out of doors of accurate, encrypted tunnels. If your activity is exposed, this compromises the total point of the use of a virtual non-public network in the first effect. 

The majority of revered VPNs will make certain DNS leaks make now not happen, however whenever you would use on-line companies, such as DNS leak test, to test your connection.

Yes. Don’t deem any network endpoint is safe when traveling. Constantly make certain your connections are encrypted when communicating from any network connection.

Many VPN companies impart it might maybe well build you hundreds of bucks on flights by the use of a VPN to substitute your jam. And there are loads of weblog posts with anecdotal evidence supporting the belief that a VPN can reduction decrease the value of your plane tag. However the reality is much less obvious, and the presumably field is that no-one knows for sure how important (if at all) a VPN enable you to get low mark flights.  

Airfare prices are characteristic by algorithms in response to complex components, such as demand. You might well brand a mark distinction the use of a VPN to spoof your jam, however the switch in mark would maybe well or would maybe well now not be linked to your jam. From a helpful standpoint, it’s complex to chronicle for each and every most likely variable. Also, given the amount of info accessible to patrons, maybe the right advantage of the use of a VPN is final anonymous.

Every other technique to saunter seeking at it’s miles if a VPN in fact reduces the value of airfare, it’s presumably now not going to beget as ample of an affect as other components. There are diversified tactics for booking low mark flights that should be elevated to your precedence listing. Booking early, conserving an explore out for mark drops (test if there are switch charges before booking), or traveling one day of days or events of day when there is much less demand are ample strategies to accurate the best most likely flight prices.

To characteristic up a travel VPN, subscribe to a VPN service and download the VPN software to your instrument. Then, begin the software and join the use of your credentials. Desire a server jam and join to the VPN. Once linked, your web remark web remark visitors will most likely be encrypted, and your IP handle will most likely be hidden.

Undergo in mind, you would use a VPN on diversified devices, collectively along with your pc computer and smartphone.

Yes. You might well resolve your dwelling nation as a default jam, however whenever it’s most likely you’ll well presumably prefer to beget an IP assigned from a determined nation — the US in preference to the UK, as an illustration — you are going to often be in a characteristic to enact so. On the quite quite a bit of hand, the areas accessible fluctuate reckoning on the VPN you’re the use of.

If the companies we beget highlighted in our best travel VPNs listing are now not a felony fit for you, other revered suggestions are value making an are trying. We beget listed the best alternate suggestions under, and you would test up on ZDNET’s handbook on the head VPNs in 2024 for more suggestions.

Search for at Atlas VPNSearch for at ProtonVPNSearch for at AstrillSearch for at VyprVPNSearch for at PureVPN

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