Meta Quest 3 Lite: everything we know about the rumored cheap VR headset

Essentially based mostly on the leaks and rumors it seems increasingly doubtless that Meta is working on a cheaper model of the Meta Quest 3 – anticipated to be known as the Meta Quest 3 Lite or Meta Quest 3s. 

It’s no longer yet been confirmed, however the gadget is anticipated to be a more life like model of the Quest 3 – at a designate closer to the Quest 2 – that can scrutinize the Meta fully portion out its very most intriguing-gen VR hardware. The replace-off would be the instrument wouldn’t have all the capabilities of the Quest 3 – doubtless carrying lower-choice displays, less RAM, a worse chipset, or shedding blended fact beef up (even supposing that very most intriguing point seems no longer doubtless).

Whereas we’re no longer pleased the gadget will gaze exactly relish what’s been rumored up to now, as the asserting goes: the set up there’s smoke there’s fire. The indisputable fact that several self sustaining leaks have reach out suggests Meta is well working on something.

We’ve unruffled the newest info and rumors here so this web page can support as your one-dwell store for all issues Meta Quest 3 Lite. As we study more about the instrument we’ll originate particular to interchange the web page and protect you in the loop with all the newest data.

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Most well liked info

We’ve viewed no longer one, however two positive Meta Quest 3 Lite leaks – one render known as the Meta Quest 3 Lite and one with more crucial aspects that the leaker known as the Quest 3s.

The Oculus Quest 2 became once also at a file low designate ($200 / £200) as fragment of this 300 and sixty five days’s Amazon Spring Sale, following a permanent designate lower to $249.Ninety 9 / £249.Ninety 9 / AU$439.Ninety 9 earlier this 300 and sixty five days. This would presumably well well additionally be a label Meta and stores are attempting to shift stock forward of the very most intriguing-gen instrument being phased out forward of a Quest 3 Lite initiate.

Is the Quest 3 Lite the correct Quest 2 replacement? (Image credit score: Shutterstock / Boumen Japet)

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Brand

As the Meta Quest 3 Lite isn’t yet reliable – that capacity Meta itself hasn’t confirmed (or denied) its existence – we can’t command for certain how noteworthy it’ll cost or when it’ll be launched.

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But in step with rumors and old Meta hardware releases, we can originate some reasoned predictions on what the gadget could presumably well presumably additionally cost and when we could presumably well presumably additionally scrutinize it in motion.

Brand-realistic, we can moderately inquire of it’ll cost round the identical as Meta’s very most intriguing-gen headset, given the Lite is billed as a mammoth-life like model supposed to fully replace the Oculus Quest 2. It’ll completely cost lower than the Meta Quest 3.

This would doubtless scrutinize it launched at round $299 / £299 / AU$479, which is the set up the Quest 2 began life. Honestly, we’d be more than a minute disappointed if it became all over again expensive.

The Meta Quest 3 could presumably well presumably additionally soon have a sibling (Image credit score: Zenni)

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Free up date

As for the Quest 3 Lite’s initiate date, Meta regularly likes to initiate unusual hardware in October. However, it could possibly presumably well presumably additionally decide to combine issues up with this budget-friendly gadget to deal with far off from confusing it with its main line Quest and Quest Pro traces.

We predict the Quest 3 Lite will doubtless be announced and launched as fragment of this 300 and sixty five days’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, which desires to be round June in step with old years. 

If Meta sticks to its regular hardware initiate schedule, even supposing, then a initiate after this 300 and sixty five days’s Meta Connect – which we inquire of will land in September or October – could presumably well presumably additionally be on the cards.

In spite of everything, this assumes the Meta Quest 3 Lite even launches at all.

The Meta Quest 3 Lite will doubtless gaze a minute different to the Quest 3 (Image credit score: Meta)

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Specs and originate

Up to now we haven’t heard many specs for the Meta Quest 3 Lite. The main leaks up to now have been renders showing off its that you just would possibly presumably well presumably imagine originate.

😶‍🌫️unruffled pancake? 15, 2024

Glimpse more

These leaks indicate it’ll be bulkier than the Quest 3, doubtless because the Lite would undertake the fresnel lens system primitive by the Quest 2. This makes some sense as fresnel lenses are cheaper, partly because the replace pancake lenses require brighter displays. However, pondering pancake lenses lead no longer only to a slimmer headset originate however also better image quality (and we’ve viewed cheap headsets relish the Pico 4 employ pancake lenses) we’d be shocked if Meta didn’t employ them in the Lite.

One of the leaks went into more detailed specs, suggesting it’ll have 128GB or 256GB of storage (in intention of the 128GB or 512GB in the Quest 3) and 1,832 x 1,920 pixel displays (one per build). One thing seems off about the leak, even supposing, by system of the sources shared and the integrated info that can presumably well presumably additionally abet title the leaker (which seems relish a obnoxious thought for anybody attempting to deal with far off from the wrath of Meta’s well-funded correct crew).  

Meta Quest 3 Lite could presumably well presumably additionally very well be “Meta Quest 3S”u/LuffySanKira on Reddit claims they were shown these graphics in what became once doubtless a Meta User Learn Zoom meeting.I will’t verify them, however I CAN verify Meta does solutions lessons relish these. 16, 2024

Glimpse more

As such, colour us skeptical by system of the crucial aspects highlighted in the submit.

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Machine

Assuming the Meta Quest 3 Lite has the identical or the same blended-fact capabilities as the Meta Quest 3, we inquire of it’ll have access to all of the identical software – which is to teach, everything readily available on the Quest platform’s Retailer (and masses other video games and apps readily available via sideloading via third-birthday party digital storefronts).

If it has drastically worse specs – corresponding to the Quest 2’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chipset – there could presumably well presumably additionally be some software that launches in the future that shall be irregular to the rotund Quest 3. But we inquire of the Quest 3 Lite would employ a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 so, confidently, this won’t be a neighborhood.

We’ll have to relieve and scrutinize what Meta declares.

The Meta Quest 3 Lite desires to have blended fact (Image credit score: Meta)

Meta Quest 3 Lite: What we deserve to scrutinize

As for what we deserve to scrutinize from the Quest 3 Lite VR headset – acknowledging that its lower designate will necessitate lower specs than the Meta Quest 3 correct – our very very most intriguing setup would boast the identical Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset and 8GB of RAM as the Quest 3, even supposing 6GB of RAM relish the Quest 2 is, admittedly, far more doubtless. 

Storage suggestions would initiate at 64GB – as frankly, you don’t need masses of storage intention for VR apps, severely when you happen to’re willing to download and delete them as principal – and the displays would be a lower choice than the Quest 3. A leak suggested the 1,832 x 1,920 pixels per build option, and pondering here’s what’s primitive by the Quest 2 it does originate some sense.

Pancake lenses seem relish an straightforward receive from a originate and image-quality standpoint (severely if Meta opts for poorer displays), and blended-fact passthrough that’s no longer lower than as excessive-quality as the Quest 3 is also a must.

Beyond this, one rogue cost-cutting measure could presumably well presumably additionally scrutinize Meta scrap or replace its Quest 3 controllers. However, given how noteworthy builders have emphasised to us the importance of VR handsets having a dilapidated originate, and the indisputable fact that many Quest titles don’t beef up hand-monitoring, this is in a position to presumably well be a step too far.

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