Narwal Freo X Ultra evaluation: 5 things I love, and 2 big problems

Narwal Freo X Ultra evaluation: 5 things I love, and 2 big problems

A sturdy robotic vacuum and mop that cleans its cling mopping pads.


  • Incandescent unfriendly station assemble
  • Mop washes & dries itself
  • Tangle-free roller brush
  • Solid suction
  • Impressively silent


  • Current dirt accumulate assemble isn’t huge
  • Unsuitable mapping map

I possess in my opinion examined more than 200 completely different robotic vacuums in my time at BGR. Needless to recount, it takes rather a lot to label me nowadays. But the Narwal Freo X Ultra robotic vacuum and mop combo the truth is managed to label me with a delicate assemble and plenty of fabulous parts. It’s no longer ideal, though, and I’ll talk about two big flaws with Narwal’s most mild flagship robotic.

Since robotic vacuums are ubiquitous nowadays, I’m no longer going to bore BGR readers with the full minutia that they already know. I’ll scamper away that to the spam blogs that exist entirely to sport Google. As a substitute, I’ll focal point on essentially the most well-known parts that separate the Narwal Freo X Ultra from other comparable flagship robotic vacuums, such because the Roomba Combo j9+. I’ll moreover highlight the very handiest Freo X Ultra parts, as effectively because the worst things about this mild mannequin.

The ethical

I’ll birth things off by highlighting the handiest Narwal Freo X Ultra parts that essentially blew me away. Given my 4.5-principal particular person ranking above, it shouldn’t come as worthy of a surprise that there’s hundreds more to love about this impressive mild robotic vacuum and mop than there might possibly be to disfavor.

Narwal’s All-in-One Unfriendly Save is yarn

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

Moreover iRobot’s Roomba Combo j9+, most flagship robotic vacuum and mop combo objects nowadays possess an auto-wash unfriendly station. That entails the Narwal Freo X Ultra, and I the truth is like this mannequin’s assemble more than another mannequin I’ve examined to this point.

For these of you who haven’t but skilled the auto-wash characteristic yourself, here’s how it the truth is works:

When a peculiar mid-vary and high-end robotic vacuum finishes cleansing, it returns to the unfriendly station, and the dirt bin is robotically emptied. It’s an out of this world comfort characteristic that I refuse to stay with out at this point.

Nonetheless some newer flagship robotic vacuum and mop combo units cling this opinion to the logical subsequent stage. As a substitute of easiest emptying the dirt bin, they moreover robotically wash and dry the mop pads.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is basically the most mild instance of a mannequin with an auto-wash characteristic for its mopping pads. And in my knowledgeable opinion, Narwal has the handiest auto-wash unfriendly assemble to this point.

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

Within the unfriendly station, there are two air-tight tanks as effectively as a specially-assemble bottle of floor cleaner. One tank holds effectively-organized water, and it robotically refills the interior water tank within the robotic. The unfriendly station moreover dispenses a precise amount of floor cleaner at any time when it refills the robotic.

When the Freo X Ultra finishes a cleansing job that involves mopping, the unfriendly station robotically flushes effectively-organized water thru the mop pads to effectively-organized off dirt and accepted nastiness. That’s where the second tank within the unfriendly station comes in. As the mopping pads are cleaned, the dirty water is sucked up into that tank and kept there until it’s full.

Of demonstrate, the dirty water within the second tank the truth is starts to stink after a whereas. Nonetheless the tanks within the Narwal Freo X Ultra unfriendly station are incredible, and no odor escapes the least bit. They moreover possess an overwhelming zero-drip assemble that doesn’t leak the least bit within the occasion you lift them around. I’m easiest declaring the odor so that you just’re no longer stunned the main time the dirty water tank fills up, and you wish to launch it to empty it.

As soon as the dual mop pads on theNarwal Freo X Ultra are carried out being rinsed, the unfriendly station uses heat to dry and disinfect them. I’ve been testing this mannequin for nearly two months now, and the mop pads are calm good and effectively-organized. After a whereas, on the other hand, I attain belief to effectively-organized them with detergent.

Finest for pet hair

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

The next big check within the plus column for the Freo X Ultra is Narwal’s roller brush assemble. It completely would possibly possibly moreover very effectively be the handiest brush assemble I possess ever seen on a robotic vacuum.

Some robotic vacuums possess higher roller brush designs than others, and I’m the ideal particular person to check them. That’s because I possess a dog that sheds nonstop, all year round. The constant onslaught of dog hair is certainly one of many main the explanation why I check so many robotic vacuums within the main station. With a robotic to handle routine vacuuming a number of cases every week, I don’t wish to horror about seeing dog hair all around the put.

Each robotic vacuum I possess ever examined wishes to possess its brush detangled after a whereas. Whether or no longer it’s a $100 low-label mannequin or a $1,000+ Roomba, it wishes to be detangled. Between all that dog hair and my long hair, it’s inevitable. Nonetheless within the nearly two months that I had been testing the Narwal Freo X Ultra, I possess but to hope to detangle this mannequin’s roller brush.

I’m certain it’ll need to be detangled in the end, nonetheless I’m insecure at how long the Narwal Freo X Ultra has been tangle-free.

The sound of silence

Yes, The Sound of Silence is an out of this world song. Nonetheless the sound of silence is even higher within the occasion you’re talking a number of robotic vacuum.

Most robotic vacuums are quite loud as they roll around your condominium sucking up dirt and dirt. Even louder is the thumping and clunking you hear as they roll off rugs, over half-rounds, and over another uneven floor.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is remarkably aloof, and I’m here for it. I’m the truth is blown away by how worthy quieter this mannequin is than the Roomba s9+ that I in total use on the main floor of my dwelling. I’m typically in my basement gymnasium understanding whereas my first-floor robotic vacuum runs, and the s9+ feels like an military is stomping around. Meanwhile, I typically don’t even realize that the Narwal Freo X Ultra is working until I come abet upstairs.

Solid suction & squeaky effectively-organized mopping

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

Excellent nonetheless absolutely no longer least, the Narwal Freo X Ultra has admirably actual suction. Furthermore, Narwal’s DirtSense mopping tech is outstanding. These are objects four and five on my listing of 5 things I love about the Freo X Ultra.

The put suction is anxious, Narwal says that the Freo X Ultra is rated at as a lot as eight,200Pa. That’s an extraordinarily big quantity that’s impressive on paper, nonetheless what does it point out in be conscious?

In my testing, the Narwal Freo X Ultra is arrive the pinnacle of the listing by system of sucking up completely different kinds of debris. Advance, nonetheless no longer at the pinnacle.

I examined the Freo X Ultra with completely different kinds of dirt, dirt, dog hair, sprinkles, leaves, and even crushed-up bits of food like pretzels and potato chips. It did an fabulous job of sucking it all up, nonetheless it absolutely’s no longer quite as ethical as one other high-end objects like the Roomba s9+. I did catch that a number of bits were left at the abet of here and there.

The substandard

As probabilities are you’ll peek, there’s rather a lot to love about the Narwal Freo X Ultra. Nonetheless nothing is ideal, needless to recount, and this mannequin moreover has a number of big flaws that need to be discussed.

Narwal’s dirt accumulate assemble

I listed Narwal’s All-in-One Unfriendly Save as certainly one of many handiest things about the Freo X Ultra. That is de facto correct. Nonetheless there’s one ingredient that I the truth is don’t like about this unfriendly station.

My easiest grievance about Narwal’s mild All-in-One Unfriendly Save assemble is that it doesn’t suck the dirt and dirt out of the robotic’s dirt bin. As a substitute, this mannequin uses a undeniable filter and dirt accumulate combo to retailer as a lot as 7 weeks’ price of dirt in the end of the robotic itself.

The Freo X Ultra has a undeniable characteristic that compresses debris in the end of the accumulate to retailer as worthy as imaginable, and it the truth is works effectively. Nonetheless it doesn’t produce up for the comparatively small dimension of the dirt accumulate.

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

These baggage possess 1 liter of capacity, which is first charge when coupled with Narwal’s compression tech. Nonetheless comparable flagship robotic vacuums suck debris out of the robotic and into a bigger accumulate within the unfriendly station. These baggage typically possess as worthy as 3 liters of capacity.

I catch that Narwal’s 7-week estimate is ravishing correct. Nonetheless with other robotic vacuums that retain debris in a bigger accumulate in the end of the unfriendly station, I will scamper as a lot as a pair months before I wish to trade baggage.

Moreover the minor danger of having to interchange out the dirt accumulate twice as typically, this moreover system there’s worthy more destroy with the Freo X Ultra than with comparable objects. As probabilities are you’ll peek, Narwal’s filter-and-accumulate combo assemble uses different plastic that finally ends up getting thrown within the rubbish as a substitute of being recycled.

Mapping leaves worthy to be desired

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is huge at navigating around boundaries. Truly, Narwal’s triple-laser navigation map is more fit than most others I’ve examined. Sadly, on the other hand, the same can no longer be said of Narwal’s mapping map.

The first floor of my dwelling has an launch floor belief. Without getting too deep within the weeds, the foyer, kitchen, and eating room all wrap around a series of centrally-located partitions, closets, kitchen cupboards, and a fridge. Then, my lounge and family room are moreover launch to one another, with a protracted half wall in between them.

For no matter reason, the mapping map on the Narwal Freo X Ultra can no longer figure any of this out, and it thinks that most of the main floor of my dwelling is one huge room.

Image source: Maren Estrada for BGR

This wouldn’t be as big of a downside if the Narwal app let me manually plan partitions to separate the rooms, as most robotic vacuum apps attain. Sadly, on the other hand, probabilities are you’ll easiest plan a brand mild wall within the Narwal app if it extends to connect two contemporary partitions. That makes the characteristic needless for me and for many others. A rapid search online finds that hundreds folks possess the same downside with Narwal robotic vacuums.

I labored with a Narwal spokesperson to are attempting and figure this out, nonetheless we were unable to fix it after three completely different mapping runs. The company’s easiest advice was to make use of “opaque and/or huge” objects to merit the robotic title completely different rooms. As I suggested Narwal’s spokesperson, I possess no opinion what would possibly possibly moreover very effectively be taller or more opaque than partitions, a fridge, and floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry.

Most homes won’t possess this field, so it’s probably a moot point for 98% of probably investors. That’s why this field and the smaller dirt accumulate blended to easiest knock half of a principal particular person off of the Narwal Freo X Ultra’s ranking. Nonetheless whenever you’re like me and folk available who attain possess the downside, it system you cannot form cleansing schedules for diverse rooms within the affected space.

May possibly well simply calm you purchase the Narwal Freo X Ultra?

As probabilities are you’ll peek, the Narwal Freo X Ultra’s professionals dramatically outweigh the cons. The Freo X Ultra is with out tell certainly one of many handiest robotic vacuum and mop combos I possess ever examined. And that’s announcing rather a lot, since I’ve examined more than 200 completely different objects.

Whilst you’re available within the market for a brand mild flagship robotic vacuum and mop within the $1,000+ label vary, I highly suggest the Narwal Freo X Ultra.

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