Today’s letters: Ottawa’s homeless need an income source

Today’s letters: Ottawa’s homeless need an income source

Saturday, March 23: A guaranteed overall income would therapy a litany or concerns, alongside with a trusty dose of compassion, readers divulge. You can write to us too, at

Published Mar 23, 2024  •  Last as lengthy as this point 20 hours ago  •  10 minute be taught

A homeless individual sleeps within the ByWard Market in Ottawa in February, 2024. The dearth of cheap housing has build so many individuals into poverty. Photo by Jean Levac /POSTMEDIA

How a couple of guaranteed overall income for the uncomfortable?

Re: Rynor, Ottawa’s homeless — let’s gain greater than trusty safe haven, March 20.

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What an fine commentary by Becky Rynor. The dearth of cheap housing has build so many individuals into poverty, reckoning on some make of safe haven and the kindness of charities to feed them. More housing is desperately needed for these individuals and households who now are living in backed motel rooms moreover privately owned but poorly maintained pest-and mildew-ridden flats.


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  • Unfamiliar articles from Elizabeth Payne, David Pugliese, Andrew Duffy, Bruce Deachman and others. Plus, food reports and match listings within the weekly newsletter, Ottawa, Out of Workplace.
  • Unlimited online access to Ottawa Citizen and 15 news sites with one legend.
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It may presumably well even be so worthy greater if the federal authorities would straight fund municipalities to compose these living below the poverty line with a overall income to permit no longer much less than most individuals to preserve themselves with dignity. The provinces and municipalities possess a feature to play in cooperation with the federal authorities, to gain sure that a guaranteed living overall income would no longer rob away the very important extras which these on disability supports require as soon as that guaranteed overall income is instituted.

Past reports possess shown that being lifted from poverty permits extra individuals to carry out the education to gain work suited to their capacities, whether or no longer psychological or physical, and to contribute to their communities.

A forum to see overall income will be held at uOttawa from Can also merely 23 to26 at uOttawa. Registration is birth (

Carolyn Herbert, Nepean

We’ve misplaced be taught about of compassion

Neither homelessness nor the dearth of cheap housing is inflicting the malaise in our world lately. These are merely symptoms of a increased self-discipline resulting from the shift in ideology that has been eroding our social cloth throughout the last 30 years.

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Whereas lifestyles used to be as soon as trusty and we would manage to pay for a collective social judgment of right and wrong, lately, since the financial pie is scared, it’s all people for themselves. As a society we’re increasingly chasing earnings and competing, which results in an ambiance of “winners” and “losers.” Outrageously high rents and food costs, the stealth privatization of our health-care machine, housing centered on the plush market — these are but about a examples of our “Gallant New World” (with my apologies to Aldous Huxley).

Catherine Devonport, Ottawa

Mulroney’s family used to be spectacular

Re: Public respects for weak PM, March 20.

After Brian Mulroney’s lying in remark for two days in Ottawa, it used to be symbolically fitting that prior to the hearse and family vehicles leaving for Montreal, they did a drive previous on Parliament Hill, for this used to be Mulroney’s 2d house. Other than his family, it used to be politics that used to be his passion and that took him from humble beginnings to the world stage.

Anyone searching at or attending the lying in remark doubtlessly came to the conclusion that his valid and enduring gift used to be his family. His family, doubtlessly due to Mila’s trusty taste, handled and orchestrated this unhappy and sophisticated occasion with extensive self-discipline and class. Despite the truth that the weak top minister won’t be merit on the Hill, there may presumably well with out concerns be a future top minister amongst his spectacular legacy: his children.

Article sing

Douglas Cornish, Ottawa

The Mulroney family has class

How will we conduct ourselves when faced with the inevitable?

Tuesday afternoon used to be bitterly cool. I waited in line to divulge my respects to Brian Mulroney, 18th top minister of Canada. The growth thru a maze of barriers used to be painfully leisurely.

Interior the Sir John A. Macdonald Constructing, the protection screening used to be leisurely. There used to be but another lineup within the foyer. I whispered to myself, “patience is a present.” Finally, the doors to the reception chamber opened.

To my amazement, Mila Mulroney and her four children were standing in a greeting line. Fully bowled over, at a loss for poetic words, I expressed my condolences to Mila and her children and thanked them for being right here. At some point soon of the lying in remark, they showed braveness, grace and deportment at a actually poignant moment.

Mila and Brian Mulroney needs to be very delighted with their family. A category act, one we must all aspire too.

Brendan Hennigan, Ottawa

Fossil fuels aren’t basically the most important culprit

Re: Van Geest, City of Ottawa have to discontinue accepting fossil-fuel promoting — now, March 18.

Article sing

The article by an Ecology Ottawa knowledgeable objects to the concept that export of Canadian liquid pure gas will scale again world emissions. Here’s a classic case of the true being the enemy of the trusty.

If coal is changed in Asia by Canadian LNG, that will presumably well very smartly be much less than perfection, but will obviously scale again world emissions. World consumption will handiest be diminished by addressing demand, no longer present. When will the eco-Puritans realize this?

John Edmond, Ottawa

Why no longer change dirtier fuels?

An unlimited many locations on this planet use coal, wood and extra polluting fuels than what Canada offers. By exporting what we’ve got, we’re changing use of these dirtier picks. How can this be a antagonistic thing?

Now not very ultimate, trusty. But is it greater to burn the ragged soiled fuels when we can abet now? Let’s gain what we can now, practically talking.

So I have to rob insist with the author from Ecology Ottawa who has framed promotion of fossil-fuel exports as a shaded-and-white proposition. It’s no longer, since the transition a long way off from fossil fuels will rob an extended time. Correct now, we can export cleaner fuels and abet instantly to scale again world pollution.

Article sing

Jay Miller, Ottawa

What’s your plan, Mr. Poilievre?

Re: Poilievre to drive self belief vote over looming carbon tax expand, March 20.

Conservative chief Pierre Poilievre wants to possess an election on lowering the “carbon tax.” I private that all people would want to gain that — if it were seemingly.

In a manner, he’s asking to contest the election on climate change. Unfortunately, he doesn’t possess a platform on that self-discipline. I don’t know what he likes so worthy about tornadoes, wild fires, floods, droughts and the like. These are very costly events which possess an affect on all us, including these in agriculture.

With out this tax on pollution, costs are inclined to expand worthy extra than under our unusual insist.

Stephen Silcox, Ottawa

Poilievre: slogans, no longer alternatives

Pierre Poilievre is mountainous on slogans but skinny on alternatives. If his overall-sense Conservatives axe the tax, what are his plans to scale again carbon emissions? I’m involved by spiking the hike; pondering of paying extra for gas, heating and food is frankly discouraging. But what are his concrete plans for paying for brand fresh houses and fixing the cost range? Amid all this rhetoric how does he suggest to discontinue the crime?

Article sing

If Poilievre wants to ship down the authorities, he will need to possess concrete alternatives for Canadians to understand. Because trusty now it’s a satan-you-know insist.

Marie-Lyne Fréchette, Orléans

Axe the tax, or Frigid the drool?

At every flip, Pierre Poilievre likes to bawl his mantras “Axe the tax” and “Spike the hike.” The Liberal gain collectively must no longer let a golden different recede by to affix within the levity and reply in form.

I humbly counsel the next, and enjoin any of my frivolous web sing visitors to chip in: “Stuff the guff,” “Frigid the drool,” “Pull the bull,” “Toss the dross,” “Compare the dreck,” “Block the crock” …

Robert Soucy, Ottawa

Carbon tax is ‘cost of polluting’

Re: Letter, We’re no longer naïve about carbon taxes, March 19.

This letter-writer fails to understand the basics of Economics 101 and Behavioural Economics.

Beneath basically the most important theory, must you want to scale again the demand on a sure product, you lift the cost — and must you want to help the demand to recede to another product, you scale again the cost. Within the case of carbon taxes, the free-market route is to certainly expand the cost of fossil fuels.

Article sing

In Canada, the authorities decided to then rob the money received and give it merit —but at a obvious time, thus disassociating the taking of the monies and the giving merit of these monies. Here is where Behaviour Financial kicks in: “Ouch, the cost of gas has long gone up” and then later “Oh what gain I gain with this extra money?”

In this case, it’d very smartly be that an individual has no decision but to position it trusty merit into procuring gas. On the other hand, generally, individuals can use the money to aquire much less expensive and/or alternate merchandise.

The trouble is that pretty a shrimp little bit of individuals gain no longer even know that they’re getting a rebate and secondly, they look like unable to connect the dots between the pricing of pollution (carbon tax) and the utilization of the rebate to shift to another product. The authorities has, from the very starting up build, performed a uncomfortable job in making a convincing and informative conversation package so that the inhabitants can greater understand these ideas.

Finally, the so-called carbon tax is handiest one of extra than 50 systems being employed to fight climate change in Canada. It nonetheless is a trusty free-market answer but it surely has attracted an big and outsized detrimental response, mainly as a result of word “tax.”  Perchance it would need to were called the “cost of polluting.”

Article sing

J. Ted Legg, Almonte

Tick that box for organ donation

Re: ‘I want to are living so badly’: How Zach Colton survived for years with out a chunk to eat, March 16.

The about article about Zachary Colton living and surviving with hole visceral myopathy, a uncommon disease, used to be each and every transferring and entertaining. Zachary no longer too lengthy ago underwent a desperately needed five-organ transplant which is able to now allow him to are living  a original lifestyles. To Zachary and your loved ones, I want you smartly.

Here’s a stark reminder to all people filling out your income taxes or renewing your driver’s licences. Please tick the box YES to organ and tissue donation. Support fetch a lifestyles.

Janet Martin-Salmon, Orléans

Why is Ottawa a trucker short-sever?

Re: Let’s change course on building a Kettle Island bridge, March 20.

Patrick Bendin’s column is serious of “ragged pondering” that won’t therapy the bridge self-discipline. He doesn’t, nonetheless, analyze the character of the subject. Surely it  mostly is astronomical tractor trailers, or 18-wheelers as they are on the total called, that clog Ottawa’s downtown traffic.

So the request turns into: why are these dapper beasts accredited to nefarious the Ottawa River at any point, now to now not divulge shut to Canada’s national capital? For basically the most share, they transport items merit and forth between Laval and Toronto. Need to quiet Ottawa continue to facilitate this disruptive short-sever? It would no longer.

Article sing

On the different hand, the valid needs of vans emanating from, divulge, northern Quebec need to be thought of. These vans may presumably well very smartly be allowed to continue crossing at the Macdonald-Cartier bridge in step with a obvious permit. As for all other vans, “Ottawa” may presumably well give glance that it intends to introduce a restriction internal one or two years. This motion would at the least abet to revive downtown Ottawa, which is in such decided need of resuscitation.

Despite the truth that a tunnel were to be an acceptable answer, how lengthy would it no longer’s sooner than it used to be constructed? And who would suffer within the meantime?

Andrew Lumsden, Ottawa

East-cease bridge is improperly needed

Patrick Bendin’s thesis that “ragged pondering” will no longer therapy the bridge self-discipline is significantly incorrect. We need a bridge within the east cease extra than ever, to alleviate downtown traffic. Our final five hyperlinks are rising old speedy.

The east-cease inhabitants is rising by leaps and bounds and needs to gain across the Ottawa River with out going downtown. We need that fresh bridge sooner than we realize.

Nicole Beauchamp, Ottawa

Don’t ignore Kettle Island biome

Article sing

Cue Joni Mitchell’s “Colossal Yellow Taxi.”

The article regarding the bridge is another dialogue of The Kettle Island/Higher and Decrease Duck Island proposals with nary a word on the fragility of the biome of this share of paradise.

No person with first-hand abilities of this pure situation would ever suggest paving it over to accommodate the King Edward Avenue streak hour traffic. And but enviro-blind individuals preserve bringing it up.

I’ll add that every three islands possess shorelines and interiors plagued by trash and discards. We needs to be cleaning them up and posting extra “no dumping” advisories.

Thomas Brawn, Orléans

French high school flourishes on St. Patrick

Re: Central Ottawa urgently needs a French-language high school, March 19.

I’m no longer sure what the author is relating to when he states there may be rarely any French high school within town core, as École secondaire publique De La Salle has been on Outdated St. Patrick Twin carriageway for added than 25 years and used to be based mostly in 1971. It is the flagship school of the French public school board of Eastern Ontario (CEPEO), and a francophone centre of creative culture in Ottawa.

Article sing

Perchance he meant there used to be no French Catholic high school within town core — but an amalgamation of public and Catholic school systems in Ontario would therapy the fairness insist he advocates for.

Monika Ferenczy, Ottawa

Will Sens ever be contenders?

Bruce Garrioch on the total writes about our Ottawa Senators embracing the spoiler feature. I’m getting drained of them doing that yr after yr. It may presumably well even be nice within the event that they’d presumably launch embracing the contender feature such a years.

Bob McRae, Aylmer

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